President Joe Biden fulfilled his campaign promise on January 28 by signing the executive order to reverse the Mexico City Policy, once again permitting money drawn from American taxpayers to fund overseas abortions. A recent poll finds that 77 percent of Americans oppose U.S. funding to “support abortion in other countries.”

Internationally, the loudest voice of objection to President Biden’s executive order came from Africa, in the form of a 16-minute video titled “A Message to President Biden: The Unified Voices of Africa.” The video was produced and hosted by Obianuju Ekeocha, the founder and president of Culture of Life Africa, an initiative “dedicated to the promotion and defense of the African values of the sanctity of life, beauty of marriage, blessings of motherhood and the dignity of family life.”

The first half of the video features a dozen Africans, men and women, from students to professionals to entrepreneurs, all pleading with Biden not to fund abortion in Africa. Timeyin asks Biden: “What if you weren’t given the chance to live? What if I was aborted? I wouldn’t be here making this video.”

In the second half of the video, another group of African men and women focused on educating the West, especially President Biden, about what African communities genuinely need. It’s not abortion.

Rose, a teacher, speaks passionately about what she has seen in her community, “children walk homelessly on streets; youth dropped out of schools; [and] people [are] dying of hunger every day. Children being abused and used as slaves in their homes.” As she explains, “These are things we need funds on, not abortion. God will never bless a nation that destroys its children.”

Stella Marris, an entrepreneur in Nigeria, lists five things Nigerians need more than abortions: poverty alleviation, education, employment, electricity, and better infrastructure. She also points out that abortion is illegal in Nigeria. She pleaded with President Biden: “Please help us, don’t kill us.”

At the end of the video, Uju asks:

Will President Biden listen to us? Will he recognize the voice of African people? Will he respect the cry of the heart of the ordinary African person? Or will he just be the neo-colonial master like many western leaders? Will he be the one to come in to force his own ideas and ideologies in the world of the poor?

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