From the very early morning to its end, business at Family Planning Associates became busier.  Before the counselors arrived, there were already people inside.  Soon car after car arrived at the mill, many of them Hispanic.  One of the prayer warriors was called off the 40 Days for Life prayer line to help the counselors with Spanish-speaking customers.

One of the counselors encountered a young woman in a hurry.  She told the counselor that she was here to have an abortion.  She was emotionless and offered no other words to the counselor.  Two of the counselors talked in depth to the woman that drove this young woman.  Both of these women are living in shelters.  As tears ran down her face, the driver told the counselors how she had been abused.  Her two young sons sat in the back.

She promised to give information to the other women from the shelter on Culture of Life Family Services.  She said she was opposed to her friend having the abortion but said there was nothing she could do.  Her friend having the abortion already had eight children.  The counselors told the woman they would pray for her.  Soon after, another woman came out of FPA and told the counselors that she talked to the woman with eight children and it turned out this woman was 17 weeks pregnant.  This woman tried to talk her out of the abortion as the baby was so far advanced but the woman told her she already had a procedure done the day before and it was too late.

One of the counselors noticed a van pull up and the counselor tried to give information to a young woman who also was in a hurry.  The counselor went over to the driver who was on the phone and tried to tell him about FPA.  The counselor handed him information on COLFS.  Soon after the young woman came out and they both drove away.

Soon after, a woman was walking near FPA and was stopped by a counselor.  She told the counselor she was here to get the morning-after pill because she had unprotected sex the night before.  The counselor told her what went on at FPA and that there were late-term abortions being performed.  The young mother told the counselor she had five children and was against abortion.  The counselor told her that talking this pill could result in the loss of a child if she became pregnant.  The young woman was unaware that life could begin that quickly.  The counselor called COLFS and the young woman spoke with a nurse at COLFS.  The nurse asked many questions and the young woman agreed to come to COLFS.  Praise Jesus she left FPA.  She was given much information on Natural Family Planning.

Right about noon, one of the last prayer warriors noticed a young couple going to the door of the abortion mill and walk away from it, several times, and alerted the last counselor who was getting ready to leave. The counselor approached the couple.  The young woman appeared agitated, disheveled and, possibly, on drugs. . Her boyfriend was argumentative with the counselor, but the young woman wanted to know what the counselor had to say.  After explaining the horrific malpractice history of the abortionist, the young woman announced this particular doctor had delivered her when she was born when he was an ob-gyn in El Cajon.

She was horrified to read his malpractice history and wanted to know all the counselor had to say, listening intently.  Her biggest fear was losing her job if she was pregnant.  The counselor let her know all her fears could be addressed.  Having given her all the information and encouragement for help for her stress and  pressures, the counselor  urged her to phone COLFS to be seen and given sound, competent medical counseling – including a free ultra-sound. The young woman thanked the counselor and said she would not go into that clinic and would phone COLFS.


– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego