A new undercover video [below] by Our Watch, a religious conservative organization, revealed an ACLU attorney instructing California public school teachers to help students get abortions without telling their parents. The ACLU also instructed the teachers to speak about radical secular-left ideology on sex and gender.

The ACLU attorney in the video, Ruth Dawson, offered teachers tips on falsifying attendance records so students could ditch school to get contraceptives and abortions without leaving any kind of trail for parents to find out.

Full story at Washington Examiner.

Below is a video discussing a Riverside County Comprehensive Health Education meeting between ACLU attorney and Riverside County school teachers, presented to the public as a curriculum discussion. The discussion of meeting begins at 14:00 minutes. Undercover footage begins at 20:00 minutes.

NO OPT-OUT ALLOWED: The California Sex Ed Indoctrination from Jeremiah Films on Vimeo. Undercover footage begins at 20:00 minutes.