The official story

The following comes from an obituary published May 19 in UT San Diego.

Phillip Rand MD, 94, peacefully passed away May 16th at Mercy Scripps Hospital surrounded by loving family and friends.… After being stationed in the Navy in San Diego, he married Florence ‘Tamara Teacher and remained there for the rest of his life. He loved practicing medicine and delivered over 40,000 babies. He was a superlative physician whose reputation was unprecedented. He loved being with friends and family more than anything. He had a passion for reading and watching the news and sports, and doing the crossword puzzles….

Poster man for Texas law

The following comes from a 2013 story in the Orange County Weekly, which cited Phillip Rand as providing good reason for the new Texas law restricting abortionists without admitting privileges to nearby hospitals,

Angela was twenty weeks pregnant when she walked into a dingy abortion clinic in Santa Ana, California, on August 7, 2004. Her abortion was completed in five minutes with little or no pain relief by an 84-year old abortionist, Phillip Rand, who rotated his time between several clinics throughout Southern California.

When he was done with Angela’s abortion, he got in his car and began the three-hour drive on congested California freeways to another abortion clinic in Chula Vista, near the Mexican border, where he had more patients waiting. But when Angela started bleeding heavily, the two medical aids, who were the only ones left in the clinic, didn’t know what to do. One called Rand and asked him to return to the clinic to help the hemorrhaging women, but Rand refused. He was already an hour or so away and didn’t want to go back and risk losing business in Chula Vista. He told them to call 911 if she got any worse.

Angela did get worse – much worse. By the time paramedics arrived, it was too late. They found her in a pool of her own blood. There was no oxygen or no crash cart at the clinic, but it is doubtful that the two minimally-trained aids would have know how to operate them if they had been available. Angela was transported to a local hospital where she later died.

One paramedic was so incensed by how he found Angela that he reported Rand to his supervisor who, in turn, notified the Medical Board….

 First wife killed by mob

The following comes from a June 22, 1989 story on murder victims in the San Diego Reader.

Tamara Rand, 54, Bandini Street, Mission Hills, November 10, 1975

The victim, a real-estate broker and the wife of a wealthy physician, was found sprawled on the floor of her kitchen, a cup of tea untouched on a nearby countertop. She had been neatIy shot five times: once through the back, once through the ear, and three times under the chin. A few months earlier, she had sued Allen Glick, 33, La Jolla financier with Las Vegas gambling interests, for fraud stemming from a land deal.

In his biography of Jimmy “the Weasel” Fratianno, author Ovid Demaris reports that the slaying was the work of the mob:

“‘Jimmy, this broad was going to drag Glick through a lot of shit,’ [Frank] Bompensiero [a reputed mobsterJ said.” They were in the cocktail lounge at the San Francisco Hilton, and Jimmy was pumping Bompensiero on the Rand murder.

” ‘So you’re still working?’ Jimmy said. ‘Where’d you get the silencer?’

“‘Hey, not so fast,’ Bomp said, chomping on his cigar. ‘No shit, now, Jimmy, I’m an innocent bystander. I just took Tony [Spilotro] and showed him her house.'”