The following comes from an October 15 Life News article by Steven Ertelt:

On October 14, LifeNews reported the story of the Michigan abortion practitioner who was caught with what local police believe were 14 plastic containers that possibly contain the bodies of aborted babies along with other human tissue. Local police raided the upscale West Bloomfield, Michigan home of abortionist Michael Roth after acting on evidence that Roth may be performing illegal abortions — doing abortions either out of his home or in the private homes of his customers.

Now, new information indicates Roth is on the staff at a local Catholic hospital [Catholic St. John/Providence Health System], as an OGBYN.

Just what is the nature of the relationship between Roth and St. John/Providence Health System? At minimum, it appears the Catholic hospital was providing Roth with admitting privileges and that relationship has been ongoing for some time.

Writing at a Catholic blog, one pro-life blogger says the issue of the Michigan abortionist working at St. John has been a problem for years.

“Catholic pro-lifers have been protesting Dr. Roth’s admitting privileges at a Detroit-area Catholic hospital for years. Moreover, despite relentless pleas to the archdiocese of Detroit to intervene and either force the hospital to cut its ties to Roth or else strip it of its Catholic status, the archdiocese has allowed the scandal to go on unchecked,” Ryan Fitzgerald writes.