A diocesan high school in San Jose, Archbishop Mitty High, has named Latanya Nailah Hilton, a supporter of abortion and homosexual “marriage,” as its new president. Bishop Oscar Cantú of San Jose said in a November 10 statement that the appointment, effective July first of next year, has his “full blessing and support.”

Hilton is “founding ambassador” of The Ambassadors Circle, a San Francisco-based media and marketing corporation. The company supports liberal issues and businesses divided into what it calls “passion areas”: Arts & Culture, Criminal Justice Reform, Democracy, Environmental Crisis, Equality & Equity, Health & Wellness, Next Generation, Our Local Community, and Science & Technology. Its motto is “Do More Good.”

“The stakes are high for present and future generations with many agreeing that the current state of the world is pretty much a cluster. Feeling led to do something, The Ambassadors Circle, LLC was founded as a membership collective based on the belief that each of us wields some degree of influence,” the membership page of the website states. “After conversations with changemakers, influencers and culture creators, we found the common theme was the need for more of us to use our influence to inspire each other to take meaningful action.”

Among its many social media posts encouraging actions such as avoiding the use of plastic, supporting gun control, and voting Democrat, the Circle also celebrated “50 years of #pridemonth” and “#marriageequality” in a June 28 Facebook post and in May 2019 shared an article with ways to help protect and promote abortion. “The past year has seen the worrying rise of extreme anti-abortion legislation across the country…This attack on women’s health care is scary. But we can help the women in these states while NARAL and the ACLU take these state governments to court,” the post read. The article suggests donating to abortion funds and volunteering as an abortion clinic escort.

The Circle’s statement on Hilton’s appointment to Mitty High says she will also “remain an integral part of the Founding Circle and provide ongoing strategic direction to the organization.”

After California Catholic Daily contacted the Circle to ask about Hilton’s appointment to a Catholic school while also leading an organization that endorses what the Church teaches are intrinsic evils, the Circle’s recent Facebook and Twitter posts promoting abortion and homosexual marriage were deleted.

Other social media posts still up at press time include an article from Planned Parenthood in honor of Trans Awareness Week about how be gender-inclusive in speech, Planned Parenthood’s YouTube video introducing Leana Wen, ways to help elect Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia, and an invitation to an event hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

“Ms. Hilton is a recognized leader in education and social justice advocacy with a passion for Catholic education and its power to develop leaders who will impact the world for good,” Bishop Cantu said in a press release. “She brings a wealth of experience, energy, and commitment to collaboration to this position. She has received numerous awards for her service.”

“Ms. Hilton’s appointment is a public scandal,” a Mitty High alumnus who wishes to remain anonymous told Cal Catholic. “The facts show she has a warped vision of what the ‘good’ is. It isn’t a Catholic one. It is one that fundamentally disqualifies her from being the president of a Catholic institution”

Representatives at the bishop’s office and Archbishop Mitty High School did not respond to requests for comment.

This story is a California Catholic Daily exclusive by Mary Rose.