A startup focusing on abortion pills wants women to stockpile them, even before they’re pregnant.

Choix (pronounced “choice”) recently received $1 million from venture capitalists, and is preparing to launch its business. For $289, Choix will connect women with an abortionist after filling out an online questionnaire, and will then mail them the abortion pills. Currently, Choix is able to operate in California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine and New Mexico — and it doesn’t want women to wait until they’re pregnant to get the pills.

All that is needed to get the abortion pills is to fill out a five-question form, and then the pills are sent within a matter of days. Women are asked to return for a telehealth appointment if they get pregnant later, but there is no mandate for them to do so. While CBS Money Watch presented this as a positive service for women, none of the risks were presented at all.

Co-founder and CEO Cindy Adam told CBS Money Watch, “Advance provision is the same medication, it’s just providing the pills in case a patient needs them in the future and decides to use them,” Adam said, explaining that it “helps alleviate the stress and barriers that come with accessing a highly stigmatized and politicized form of care — even in states where abortion is legal — by putting the power to decide back into the hands of that person seeking care.”

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