On March 16, 2016, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a bill requiring abortionists to inform women seeking chemical abortions that there is a new procedure which, if followed in a timely manner, can reverse the results of a chemical abortion.

H.B. 1157 “require(s) that a doctor provide a woman additional information as a part of informed consent prior to performing a first trimester abortion including ‘that the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being’; ‘a scientifically accurate statement describing the development of the unborn child’; ‘the true risks associated with abortion, including infection, hemorrhage, danger to subsequent pregnancies, and infertility as well as the possibility of negative psychological effects, such as depression, distress, and suicide ideation’; the ‘accurate rate of deaths due to abortions’; and that if the mother ‘is considering a first-trimester chemical abortion that even after taking the first abortifacient pill, her chemical abortion can be reversed.’ ”

As CalCatholic reported on June 2, 2015, the abortion pill reversal program was pioneered right here in California at the Culture of Life Medical Services is San Diego. Chemical abortions work by giving pregnant women doses of Mifepristone (Mifeprex or RU-486). The Abortion Pill Reversal page on Culture of Life Medical Services webpage describes the process: “Mifepristone is a drug that blocks the effects of progesterone—a hormone your body needs to grow a healthy baby. Mifepristone blocks the nurturing effects of progesterone which leads to the death of the developing baby, the embryo or fetus.”

The abortion pill reversal procedure is quite simple: it uses the natural hormone progesterone to reverse the effects of the synthetic drug mifepristone, also known as RU-486. Culture of Life’s Abortion Pill Reversal now “has a network of over 300 physicians worldwide to assist women that call our hotline. This hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by one of our medical professionals.” In our story of last year, we reported that over 80 children had been born to mothers who had used the APR to reverse their chemical abortions. According to LifeSiteNews, writing on March 18, 2016, that number has now grown to over 100 children.

California lawmakers have spared no effort in forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to bow to the abortion industry by publicizing abortion. Last week RH Reality Check wrote “The state’s Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency (FACT) Act requires, in the most basic terms, the state’s licensed CPCs (Crisis Pregnancy Centers) to post a short notice about the availability of birth control and abortion care.”

Californians might hope, in the interests of ‘freedom’ and ‘transparency’ and ‘choice,’ that Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses might equally be required to let women know that their chemical abortions could be reversed, should they change their minds. If California lawmakers really cared about women’s health, that would seem to be the proper thing to do.

The South Dakota legislation, the increasing numbers of fulfilled pregnancies in women who have used the APR ,and the increased numbers of doctors who have joined the APR network shows that the Abortion Pill Reversal procedure is definitely making headway—but slowly. Word still needs to get out.

As for the San Francisco billboard, sponsored by the Walk for Life West Coast and United for Life, it is certainly being seen. As noted, it is a block from San Francisco’s Valencia Street Planned Parenthood business. During the just-concluded 40 Days for Life prayer vigil, a San Francisco prayer warrior on her way to the vigil happened to be standing next to group of pro-abortion people, as they waited for the light to change. She told CalCatholic that the pro-abortionists noticed the billboard—they could hardly miss it—and they were absolutely infuriated.

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