The following comes from an April 25 email from the Helpers of Gods Precious Infants San Diego:

Thanks to all the prayer warriors who came to Family Planning Associates today. Despite some people who have been getting in the way, the Holy Spirit’s presence could be felt as prayers were offered for the babies and their mothers who entered the abortion mill. Thanks to God, we had two saves and one turnaround!

Early in the morning one of the counselors approached a young couple in their car. The counselor offered them love and support and gave them literature on the medical record of the doctor. Within a minute, the counselor was interrupted by someone who spoke in a loud voice over the counselor. This caused the woman to get out of the car and go up to the mill.

The man stayed behind and talked freely with the counselor. He told the counselor that they were a military couple and he was against abortion but they felt they had no choice. He also said his wife did not want the abortion. He was not sure how far along she was. The counselor showed him a model of a 12 week old baby and he cringed and said he could not look. He was sad. The counselor told him to go up and try and get his wife out.

The counselor assured him that there was help for them and directed him to Culture of Life Family Services. The counselor told him that a surgical abortion was like a gun, and once the bullet was out, there was no turning back, the baby could never come back. He again cringed and knew how wrong this was. He went up, but it was not until around two hours later that they came out. They sat in their car and another counselor alerted the first counselor they were in the car. The counselor came back and could see the woman was very sad. They rolled down their window and they motioned that they did not have the abortion, but they also did not acknowledge that their baby was saved. The counselor told them they were loved no matter what. They left and the counselor felt perplexed as to what happened.

A car with Baja plates drove into the lot with two women, a man, and two children. As the two women walked to the stairs, a Spanish speaking counselor spoke to them about risks involved, the emotional trauma that would occur, and encouraged them to reconsider what they were about to do. They took the literature and went up into the clinic, but came out about 10 minutes later. The counselor spoke to them again, and while someone tried to interrupt the conversation, the woman who was pregnant told the person who was interrupting the conversation that she wanted to speak with the counselor.

After a short time, the woman decided that she would choose life. The counselor encouraged her to go to Culture of Life Family Services, and they agreed to follow two of the counselors there. They checked in very quickly, and while the two counselors were sitting in the lobby of the crisis pregnancy center, the military couple who were upset when they left the abortion clinic just a short time earlier, walked into the lobby and checked in for the abortion pill reversal treatment.
Later in the morning one of the counselors spotted a young woman driving into the lot. The woman pulled up very close to the counselor and so the counselor immediately went over to her and talked to her while she sat in her car. The counselor gave her information on the medical issues with the doctor and showed her a picture of an ambulance that was at the abortion clinic two months ago. Within a few minutes the woman told the counselor “Well I will be leaving now”. It appears that she went to Culture of Life Family Services and so we pray that she makes the very best decision for her baby, if she is pregnant. She was a very sweet young woman.

Please remember all of these women in your prayers.