The following comes from an August 25 email from Helpers of God’s Most Precious Infants:

The past few weeks have been difficult, with some people leaving after a short time upstairs, but it is uncertain as to whether or not they were turn-arounds, as FPA also does birth control and other services.  The police are out nearly every week, but have spent most of their time talking to the guard or the yellow-shirt escorts.  Three weeks ago the guard seemed irritated that the police were reprimanding her, and she has not shown up for the past two weeks.  The temporary abortionist from Los Angeles arrives around 9:00 am.  They apparently have been unable to hire a local abortionist to take over the job after firing the last doctor.

The yellow shirts have become more aggressive, like yellow jackets swarming around a picnic table.  We were outnumbered by at least 3 to one this morning, and they watch the counselors carefully.  One car with a Hispanic couple drove up, and paused in their car as if looking for an address.  One of the counselors approached the car and gave them directions to the other business they were looking for, while five yellow-shirts converged on the car to intercede.

One of the yellow-shirts gave a small paper to each of the counselors that read:

“Thank you for being part of our Pledge-a-Protestor campaign! For every hour you are here, a kind person is donating money to provide abortion scholarships to people needing financial assistance to cover the costs of their abortion.

God bless,

Patient Escort Team”

They are using a non-public campaign on GoFundMe.  You can’t find it with their search criteria, but this is a copy.

“Pledge a Protestor = you pledge X amount of money (or a lump sum-anything helps-even just sharing with friends!) for every protestor who is trying to bully a woman from receiving the healthcare that she chooses. The patient escort team will give a flyer to each protestor letting them know that their hateful protesting is actually raising money to provide financial assistance for women who need help in covering the costs of their abortion. AKA – let them work for us by turning their negative energy to positive financial support for women who need it most!

It is hard to believe that in San Diego there are nasty people who bombard patients in the cars, bully them with absurdly false handouts/large posters and misogynistic words as they walk up to the health center, and aggressively “preach” with a microphone at the health center door.  Click here to read how this type of campaign is helping other health centers that provide abortion care.

All of this – and more – happens every Thursday at the Mira Mesa Family Planning Associates health center.”

These pro-abortion opponents are well organized, and we need your prayerful support. Please continue to join us on the sidewalk in prayer Thursday mornings in front of Family Planning Associates, 7340 Miramar Road, San Diego.  They are currently not open on Saturdays.

Once again, there will be a 40 Days for Life campaign in front of FPA, beginning September 28.  Our goal is to have prayer vigil support 7 days a week for all 40 days.

God bless you for your prayerful support.