California Catholic Daily exclusive.

On Sunday, January 14, 2018 this short email was sent out by an East Bay pro-life activist: 

“A small group of friends have been praying in front of this clinic since 2009 (this is where Walter was arrested) in Oakland, near Jack London square.

 We went to pray Saturday, as usual.  It was closed, as it sometimes is. After I left, Felix and Sherry went across the street and saw this sign! [below]

December! Our Lady’s month! Wooo Hooo!”  

The clinic mentioned in the email was the Family Planning Specialists of Oakland, Ca, and the “Walter” mentioned in the email is Oakland pro-life activist the Rev. Walter Hoye, whose 2008 arrest under Oakland’s “bubble ordinance” galvanized the pro-life movement. 

On the Family Planning Specialists website, a popup directs abortion-seeking clients to Women’s Options Center at San Francisco General Hospital for “the same high-quality medical care you have learned to expect from FPS”.

Story updated 1/16/18.