Roe may have been overturned, but the fight to protect moms and babies at the state level has just begun. The people of Las Cruces, New Mexico, are gearing up for that fight.

At an outdoor rally emceed by David Bereit—former CEO of 40 Days for Life—on Tuesday, July 19, pro-life advocates braved the intense heat to listen to speakers and to hear a special announcement from Mark Cavaliere, founder of the Southwest Coalition for Life.

Cavaliere is no stranger to pro-abortion opposition. He and his staff have worked and prayed for years and have seen four abortion facilities closed down.

As Bereit said repeatedly throughout the rally, “Nothing is impossible for God.”

And that is the motivation that keeps these pro-lifers working every day.

The people of New Mexico have an uphill battle ahead of them, but they are undaunted. With a governor who wants to make the state an abortion destination and with state laws that allow abortion for any reason up until birth—including for minors without parental consent—New Mexico will soon be a place women flock to for abortions.

One of the facilities these vulnerable women will soon be able to choose from is the Whole Women’s Health Center, an abortion business owned by Diane Derzis that is relocating from Mississippi to Las Cruces. Right across the street from this building is where the pro-lifers rallied, offering concrete ways to help women and save babies.

Dominique Davis, executive director of Project Defending Life, spoke about the ways in which her organization helps moms and babies, saying it has been offering financial assistance, help with bills, counseling, baby supplies, cars, shelter, and much more for years—to the tune of two and a half million dollars’ worth every year. But the need is even greater now.

She stated that, as of today, pro-life pregnancy centers in New Mexico outnumber abortion clinics 3:1. But with more abortion clinics moving into the state, it is estimated that it won’t be long before it’s 2:1. She urged all pro-lifers to help in some way and suggested a three-prong approach, beginning with loving our families and treating them well, forgiving transgressions, and teaching the culture of life. She then urged us to love our neighbors by volunteering or helping others. And finally, she asked for financial support from the people who can offer it, acknowledging that pro-life pregnancy centers can only give free supplies to moms and babies if they have the support of the community….

The above comes from a July 20 posting in Catholic World Report.