Urgency and emotion hung over the thousands of people who gathered at Dolores Park, then took to the streets for the city’s 19th annual Trans March on Friday.

This year’s march was set to a backdrop of political anxiety, punctuated by Friday morning’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and months of anti-trans legislation taking hold in dozens of states across the country.

At one point, the march route intersected with that of a protest against the Supreme Court ruling. Participants from the two groups raised fists to one another in solidarity from opposite sides of Market Street, illustrating the parallels between their causes.

“It was so touching to support one another and join forces,” said march attendee Maverick Eason.

Some signs carried by marchers read, “Stop policing bodies,” and, “Abortion rights, trans rights, sex worker rights are all connected.” Parents carried kids on their shoulders who held up signs that read “Protect trans youth.” Demonstrators marched, chanted, danced and drummed in a throng of sounds and colors that flooded city streets for over two hours.

“Birthing people’s rights are under attack; women’s rights are under attack; LGBT and especially trans rights are under attack,” said Honey Mahogany, a candidate for District 6 supervisor and co-founder of the Transgender District, as she stood onstage at the end of the march. “But we’re not going to stand for it, especially not here in San Francisco and especially not in the Tenderloin.”

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