Editor’s note: The following excerpt comes from the Guttmacher Institute website. The institute began as a unit of Planned Parenthood in 1968 and was in fact named for a past Planned Parenthood president, Alan Frank Guttmacher. The Guttmacher Institute became an independent research organization in 1977, but remains closely aligned with Planned Parenthood’s interests.

People in the United States who want and need abortions do not consider adoption an equally acceptable substitute, according to a new Guttmacher Institute study published in Contraception X. The study adds to a growing body of evidence countering the inaccurate and harmful narrative that adoption is an alternative to abortion.  

The new study is based on in-depth interviews with 29 individuals who had traveled either across state lines or more than 100 miles within state to seek abortion services in Michigan and New Mexico in 2015. Just three interviewees reported that they had even weighed adoption against abortion, and all interviewees felt that adoption was a particularly unsuitable choice for them.  

“Interviewees were aware of the option of adoption and rejected it as an option for them,” says Guttmacher Institute Senior Research Scientist Liza Fuentes“Their decisions not to pursue adoption were grounded in their values about what it means to be a loving and responsible parent.” 

Three main reasons for rejecting adoption emerged from the interviews: 

First, the interviewees saw the decision to continue the pregnancy and give birth as inseparable from the decision to parent.  

Second, participants said that choosing adoption would mean abandoning their parental duty.  

Third, participants expressed that adoption could put their child’s safety and well-being at risk.  

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