Parents who want to instill a pro-life worldview in their children now have an illustrated children’s book they can use to encourage their kids to “speak up for life” and refute the “lies” of abortion. 

Bethany Bomberger, an adoptive homeschool mother, has released a new 52-page children’s book, titled Pro-Life Kids! illustrated by Ed Kohler. The book is endorsed by leading pro-life activists such as evangelist Alveda King and Unplanned author Abby Johnson. 

Bomberger, who taught in both public and private schools for 13 years, is the wife of pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger, who himself was conceived in rape and later adopted.  

Together, they founded the Radiance Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to “educate audiences about pressing societal issues and how they impact the understanding of God-given purpose.” The organization produces research materials that highlight facts about abortion. 

“A lot of my heart and passion is empowering children to be leaders at a very young age and know what they believe,” Bethany Bomberger told The Christian Post in an interview.

“Part of my motivation for writing this book, in particular, was that I’ve had so many conversations with adults across the nation and globe who may feel that they have a pro-life worldview, yet they are not sure how to articulate a pro-life worldview age-appropriately to their kids.” 

The book is published by Bara Publishing, an outfit founded by Bomberger that has published a number of materials including her husband’s 2016 book, Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong

Bomberger said the new book is available on backorder at the book’s website as they have already sold out of first-run copies. The book will also be available on Amazon in mid-December. 

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