California Catholic Daily exclusive
By Claudia Mendoza

Catholic Youth Advocacy Day, held in late March at the state Capitol, is sponsored by the bishops’ lobby, the California Catholic Conference, and underwritten in the San Bernardino diocese by Catholic Charities.

On May 1, the BYTE, the official news source of the San Bernardino diocese, published a photo of militantly pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood-funded state Senator Connie Leyva with teenagers from the San Bernardino diocese who attended Catholic Youth Advocacy Day in Sacramento on March 23. The headline was, “Youth Advocacy Sows Seeds of Future Leaders.”

“The event is arranged by the California Catholic Conference and is intended to give youth a taste for public policy advocacy while also providing further catechesis on Catholic Social Teaching,” according to the BYTE article. “The Diocesan delegation was from Corpus Christi, Corona; Our Lady of Guadalupe, San Bernardino; St. Louis, Cathedral City; St. Mary, Fontana and Notre Dame High School.”

But the article made no mention of Sen. Leyva’s (D-Chino) longtime pro-abortion voting record, nor of the fact that she recently authored Planned Parenthood’s bill to force state-funded colleges and universities to provide abortion-inducing pills to students at taxpayer expense.

According to Levya’s bill, “Abortion care is a constitutional right and an integral part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care.”