0084778974_advThe following was sent to Cal Catholic on Oct. 1 by one of our readers.

Family Planning Associates Medical Group is now altering its name and image to:

Family Planning Associates Women’s Health or just FPA Women’s Health

The words Family Planning are becoming a bit too toxic and obviously thinly disguised synonyms for abortion.

Probably part of the new regime of ObamaCare financing and payments for abortions, contraceptives, contragestationals, and sterilizations — and diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

See this October 1 email sent by Wynette Sills from Sacramento:

Fyi, in the fine print below the Family Planning Associates abortion business at Butano, with 20  offices throughout CA, added this change to their business plan:

Since being established over 40 years ago, professionalism and quality have remained the hallmark of Family Planning Associates (“FPA”). As a nationally recognized and accredited family planning and abortion services provider, we proudly offer our patients safe and convenient access to quality care in our 20 locations throughout California.

Family Planning Associates Medical Group went on to become FPA Women’s Health in 2014. We now proudly offer many GYN services including annual exams, pap smears, STI testing, cosposcopy and many others. We also continue to offer the leading methods of birth control including the pill, the patch, NuvaRing, Mirena, ParaGard, Skyla, & Nexplanon, as well as female sterilization – both tubal ligation and Essure.