The following comes from a May 15 Life Site News article by Lisa Bourne:

A new sterilization drug for women will likely be developed and promoted worldwide thanks to a large donation from Bill and Melinda Gates.

The Gates Foundation gave an Oregon gynecologist $5 million in grant money last October to develop nonsurgical “permanent contraception.” The doctor has now gone global with an offer to fund research to find similar methods of permanent pregnancy prevention.

The news has drawn condemnation from the world’s largest pro-life organization, who said the Gates Foundation’s obsessive focus on promoting contraception in the third world is based upon a faulty notion of what constitutes authentic ‘development,’ as well as highly suspect data about the actual desire for such contraception.

Oregon Health & Science University’s Dr. Jeffrey Jensen said it’s all about putting a stop to unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

“My goal is very simple: to make every pregnancy planned and highly desired,” Jensen said in a report from the Portland Business Journal.

He cited a study that he said showed 50 percent of Ugandan women no longer wish to become pregnant, but only two percent have access to “permanent contraception.”

Jensen and his associates have been researching an approach on rhesus monkeys and baboons which uses polidocanol foam, an FDA-approved treatment for varicose veins, according to the bizjournal report, which also stated this particular approach “bypasses the cumbersome and lengthy regulatory process.”

If they are successful the next step will be human trials.