Dear Pro-life friends,

Because certain people are trying to block the efforts of sidewalk counselors to save mothers and babies from the horrors of abortion, we are keeping the dates, times, and locations of where we are counseling confidential. The notes below may come from one or more locations during the week. Some specifics have been omitted to protect the identity of people we counsel. 

A sidewalk counselor’s report from the third week in November 2018

While we don’t get to report as many “saves” as we would like, there remains plenty of activity in front of the various abortion mills where sidewalk counselors volunteer.  Sometimes even a passer-by can influence someone who is reluctantly participating in an abortion.

It was early in the morning when a young city employee walked up next to the counselor while tending to some work in the public right-of-way.  The employee casually asked what the counselor was doing. After the counselor explained, the employee said “Thank you for being out here”, then told a story about how he and his wife at one time were young and making a lot very bad decisions. They had two abortions and totally regretted it. They have children now and are regular church attendees.

The city employee said he was out in front of this same abortion center one morning doing his job when he saw a guy outside milling around. He started chatting with him, and the man said his girlfriend was inside having an abortion. The city worker then shared his life experience with him and asked him to try to get her out of there, because they would both totally regret it. The young man broke down in tears and went back in, but the city worker had to continue on with his job, and never knew what may have happened.

Shortly after this, the sidewalk counselor tried to share some material with an elderly lady and a woman in her 20s, who the elderly woman was accompanying into the abortion center. Although friendly, they declined the material. Later however, the elderly lady came out alone and approached the counselor saying “Thanks for trying” but “she” had made up her mind to have an abortion today (4 weeks along). The lady was the grandmother of the women’s now “ex” boyfriend.  She stated both she and her grandson didn’t want the woman to go through with this. The grandmother tried everything to have her keep the baby, even offering to take and raise the child herself….but could not persuade her.

They chatted for a few minutes mentioning she could never tell her sister, who’s a practicing Catholic, knowing she would be very upset about all this. She shared that this was actually the first time she had met her grandson’s girl friend. The grandmother left stating someone else would be picking her up, but about two hours later, the grandmother returned and went inside. The counselor had to leave before they came back out.

Please remember that even though 40 Days for Life is over until the spring, we need your prayer support at all of the abortion centers in San Diego County.  Sidewalk counselors can try to reach out to women, but it is your prayers that will reach their hearts.