The following comes from a March 5 email from Helpers of Gods Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

There were many people praying for life this morning on the sidewalk in front of Family Planning Associates for 40 Days for Life.  In the parking lot, the sidewalk counselors were only slightly outnumbered by the yellow-shirt “escorts”, but the yellow-shirts still managed to get in the way of meaningful conversations between the counselors and the women walking toward the clinic. Despite the efforts of the yellow-shirts, several women left, including women in two vehicles who never got out of their cars.

There was a young woman who arrived early this morning.  She was greeted by a counselor and she told the counselor she was not pregnant. This may or may not have been true, as many women will deny their reason for coming here to avoid talking to a counselor.  She went upstairs into the clinic, but came out only minutes later.  She sat in her car and was on the phone for about 10 minutes, and then left. Later, two women drove into the lot and found a parking space away from the front of the clinic. They sat in their car for some time before driving away. Another car drove in and it was clear to the counselors that they were going to Family Planning Associates. They also chose to leave before ever getting out of their car.

Around mid-morning a couple pulled into the lot and parked right in front of Family Planning Associates. An older man got out of the car with what looked like a young woman. Two counselors approached the car with one counselor trying to talk above the yellow-shirts and get information into the hands of the woman, and another counselor attempted to give information to the man, but he seemed agitated and in a hurry.  As they were about to enter the abortion clinic, one of the counselors heard the man yell to the woman “Make up your mind!” One of the counselors felt this could be an unsafe situation for the woman. The man left the woman inside Family Planning Associates and left.

He came back a short time later and the same counselor told the man there was a better doctor that the woman could see. He would not listen, and sat in his car. The counselor felt inspired to go up and ask another man who waiting for his wife if he would offer assistance to the woman by giving her a flier with information to go to Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center next store. The man was very kind and agreed to give her the information. One of the yellow shirts began to yell at the counselor and told her to get away from the man. The man said it was ok, but the counselor left. The yellow-shirt kept talking to the man, but eventually left and the man then walked right into the abortion clinic.  Within about 20 minutes, the woman came out on the balcony and pointed to Turning Point as she was greeted by the yellow-shirt. The yellow shirt kept talking to her, apparently trying to convince her to go back inside the abortion clinic.

The counselor downstairs could see that the woman wanted to leave Family Planning Associates. The counselor called Turning Point to alert them that there was a woman that was trying to get to them. Two counselors who were inside Turning Point came out and motioned to the woman that she could come to them. She walked away from the yellow-shirt and went into Turning Point, staying inside for quite some time. It was reported to the counselor that the woman wanted to get a consultation at Family Planning Associates before she made a decision to have an abortion, but they would not give her this option. It was either have an abortion or not have an abortion.

Thankfully, Turning Point was there to counsel her. This woman does not want an abortion. She wants to keep her baby, but faces many hardships.

We praise Jesus and Our Lady that this miracle took place to get her to a safe place that cares for her and her baby and will help her through her hardships. We thank God for this courageous father who gave this woman the information on Turning Point. He was there to support his wife who suffered a miscarriage.  Please keep all these people in your prayers.