To make sure Cal Catholic weathers the current economic storms, the editors are proposing a wiki-ization of the website. Like Wikipedia, we would like to solicit the help of volunteers to perform the following tasks:

(1.) Monitoring comments. Right now our editors sift through comments three to four times a day, less frequently on weekends. If you could help perform these tasks from your home or office, please email us with a small resumé and the days you would be available to monitor.  We would, of course, provide you with guidelines and instructions. (We usually check once between 7-9 am, 11-2 pm, 5-8 pm). Email us at

(2.) Churches Worth Driving To. Do you or your relatives or friends know of Catholic churches in California worth writing about for our weekly feature, Churches Worth Driving To? Check here to see if you know a  California church not on our list.

Submit your church review here.

(3.) Submitting stories. Have a story you could share with others? Please write in your own words, including the Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Please cite the sources of your information. OK to use other websites for news sources, but please name source and date and include link if possible. Please send via email to

(4.) Well, not quite all volunteer. Our IT person (Jeff Grace) and our ad and calendar listing person (Janet Ross) perform the nuts and bolts work of the site for a combined total of $750/month. So if you could help support us financially with even small donations, we can keep our ship afloat.

Click here for information on how to send donation.

Thanks so much for your generous help.