In a touching, reasoned video (over 1.1 million views) about her slow movement away from the Left to conservative principles, Georgia H., an idealistic young teacher and later an ER nurse, made her mark in the Walkaway 2020 campaign. At the 31-minute mark in the video she describes her realization about the truth of abortion:

‘For years I was conditioned to think every election is an attack on Roe v. Wade, which is de facto an attack on women.

“In 2017 I graduated nursing school and I became an emergency department nurse. I won’t go into any gruesome details, and I don’t want to get sanctimonious on the concept. But suffice it to say that my experiences as a nurse made me feel really differently about abortion.

“As an ER nurse I see miscarriages up close. When a miscarriage happens in the ER, it’s the nurse who is there with the woman, and we take away the body. That’s something I’m exposed to and it’s part of my work.

“I think it was probably the day that I saw a woman miscarry at 20 weeks that I kind of reached a turning point….”

In a response to comments about her YouTube video, published Oct. 9 on Powerline Blog, she concludes with:

“i would LOVE to get out of LA! holy moly i think about it every day! my dream is to meet a SENSIBLE guy and hightail it to texas. yeehaw!”