Two serious medical emergencies took place within just five days at the high-volume Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Walnut Creek in May 2021. Emergency 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue gave details of the incidents that required two young women to be rushed to area hospitals in ambulances, both operating under a Code 3 priority.

A Code 3 designation indicates a possibly life-threatening condition.

The first abortion-related emergency happened on May 14, 2021, at 2:36 p.m. when a Planned Parenthood employee dialed 911 for a 20-year-old woman who was in serious pain and had moderate bleeding but persistent bleeding after an abortion.

The Planned Parenthood caller was heard on a recording of the 911 call telling the dispatcher, “There’s a patient we did an abortion for who is in – having uncontrolled pain and keeps bleeding.” The injured woman was transported by ambulance to Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez.

The second emergency occurred five days later, on May 21, 2021.  The call was placed at 1:03 p.m. by what appeared to be the same Planned Parenthood employee who called 911 on May 14.  This time, however, her demeanor was much different.

The 911 call recording showed her speaking rapidly, often correcting herself.  There was a palpable sense of urgency to her voice.

The woman who was suffering from abortion complications was just 21 years old.  She had been sedated for the abortion procedure, but afterwards, the Planned Parenthood staff could not wake her up.

The unconscious woman was transported to the emergency room at John Muir Walnut Creek Medical Center.

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