The following comes from a January 14 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Last week we sent out an email about a couple who left Family Planning Associates and was struggling most of the morning as to the decision they were to make for their baby.  The father of the child went to a local Catholic Church to pray while his girlfriend was inside the abortion clinic.  The counselors gave this couple their phone number and the couple promised to call them.  This morning the father of the child called one of the counselors to thank them for all the support they gave on Saturday.  They made the decision to keep their baby!

Their baby is already 13 weeks along and the father told the counselor that he began to cry when he saw his baby.  He told the counselor that he is making sure his girlfriend eats healthy and the counselor gave them the phone number to the crisis pregnancy center as they are looking for a doctor.  They will be staying in touch with the counselors and the counselors offered to help them in any way.

Please continue to keep this couple in your prayers.  Through all the evil that is done at Family Planning Associates, we know that our prayers are heard and will continue to be heard.  Please join us each Saturday to pray for the men, women and their babies who come to the abortion clinic.  Your prayers really do make a difference.