unnamed-4The following comes from an April 4 email from Helpers of Gods Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

Early this morning a car pulled into the lot near the pyramid building. One of the counselors was there to greet them. Right behind them was another car with two women. They pulled into the lot and another counselor tried to talk to them. However, the yellow shirts were all over the women that came in the second car. While this was going on, the counselor that greeted the first car was able to talk to them without any interruption. They told the counselor they were here to go to Family Planning Associates, and the woman said she was not sure if she was pregnant. The counselor told them that this was abortion day at the clinic, and handed them a card to pray for an end to abortion. The counselor told them of the medical history of the doctor and showed them a picture of ambulances who were there in the past, taking injured women away. The man told the counselor they have a one-year old baby. The counselor said there was goodness on their faces and they should not go into the clinic. The counselor told them that God would take care of them. The man told the counselor that they would be leaving and get breakfast. The counselor offered them a Rosary which the man took. The counselor told them she would never forget them. They drove off and pulled into the back lot and sat there for some time. Eventually they pulled into the far lot and then drove away. A couple in a white car pulled in over an hour later but the counselor was unsure if it was them coming back, or someone else, as the counselor did not see who was in the car. In any case, please pray for this couple who seemed open to life.

When the manager of Turning Point arrived early in the morning, she happened to go into the elevator at the same time as two women and a small boy. She asked if they were going up to FPA, and when they said they were, she told them about the services offered at Turning Point. The women decided to go into the abortion clinic, but came back out after about 20 minutes, and walked toward Turning Point. They were surrounded by yellow-shirts as they walked away from the abortion clinic, but eventually walked into Turning Point. They left quite a while later, choosing to keep the baby.

We occasionally see what we think are little signs from God, or perhaps what some might call “miraculous coincidences”, but what happened this morning left us in awe. This being the day before Divine Mercy Sunday, we were all praying for miracles. A pick-up truck pulled into the far parking lot. A counselor approached the truck and began talking to the couple about the women who had to be transported to the emergency room and the litigation history of the doctor. The woman did not want to talk, but the man was interested in what the counselor had to say. It wasn’t long, though, before the yellow-shirts arrived and convinced them to go upstairs to the clinic. After about 20 minutes, the couple came back out of the clinic and walked to their car. The counselor asked the man, “What made you change your mind?’ He pointed to his wife and said “She doesn’t want to do it”. Yellow-shirts were again swarming around, and the man rolled up his window and they drove away. As he drove away, the counselor looked down at the parking space where he was parked, and there, under the middle of where the car was parked, was a worn and weathered holy card of Divine Mercy. The card looked like it had been blowing around the parking lot for weeks.

Holy Card

Late in the morning as the counselors were ready to leave, a young woman came down from FPA and stood by the furniture store. It looked like she was shopping but a counselor approached her. The woman said she was in FPA but had to come back next week because it appears she is too far along in her pregnancy and has to undergo a late term abortion. The counselor offered her information on FPA and its medical history and told them woman of the regret women face with abortion. The counselor asked her if she had other children and she said she had two. She began to tear up. One of the yellow-shirts came over and interrupted but the woman said it was OK for the counselor to talk. The counselor offered her information on Lamb of God maternity home and the option to place the baby for adoption. The woman immediately asked for more information on the home. The counselor walked with the woman to give her all the information available on adoption and another counselor came over to offer her help in other ways. The woman was overwhelmed with the love that was given her. It seemed clear she did not want to abort her baby but she is in a very hard situation. The counselors exchanged numbers and they agreed to talk on Monday. Please pray for this woman. She is in need of the gift of the right judgement so that she can move forward to help her unborn baby in the best way possible. Please also pray for the counselors that they might be able to minister and help this woman who cried out for help today.

God’s mercy was alive at FPA today and he showered miraculous blessings in one of the most horrible places on earth. Jesus told St. Faustina that His gaze from the image of Divine Mercy is like His gaze upon the cross. Even in the midst of such darkness and sin His mercy overcame everything to bring forth life.

God bless,

-the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego