The following comes from a March 20 story in El Sol de Tijuana.

A maintenance worker at a water-treatment plant in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, discovered the bodies of two unborn babies while doing maintenance work on the morning of March 19, the daily newspaper El Sol de Tijuana reported.

Rosarito Beach is about 15 miles south of San Diego.

Baja California authorities have begun an investigation into the crime and told the newspaper they will prosecute those responsible if they are located.

The worker said he was performing routine cleaning of the grates at the state-owned water utility’s sewage-processing facility and found the bodies of the unborn children among other debris, according to the newspaper.

The babies were between 4 to 5 months gestation. Their gender was not provided.

The worker called Rosarito Beach police to report his discovery, who then dispatched an agent of the state ministerial police to begin a criminal investigation, according to the newspaper.

The bodies of the unborn infants were sent to the morgue for an autopsy.

Investigators have not ruled out the likelihood that the babies were deliberately killed in an abortion, which remains a crime in most of Mexico, including Baja California.