The Hispanic population makes up roughly half of the nearly 10 million people in Los Angeles County. This makes the county the largest Hispanic population among all American counties – and there isn’t a close second.

As a recent report by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation shows, the gap between Hispanics and the rest of the population – from an economic perspective – is substantial. Hispanic median household income is $46,850; for the rest of the population, it is $59,135.

However, the wealth of a community is not only in the material. Its greatest treasure lies in the spiritual, which in Southern California’s Hispanic community is grounded in the Catholic Faith. That faith is supported by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and its and many parishes and programs.

The faith also is strengthened by Guadalupe Radio, a far-reaching apostolate of the Legionaries of Christ. And despite the name, it includes outreach programs, videos, publications, events that inspire people to return to parishes and the archdiocese – in addition to 24-hour-a-day radio programming.

“What we have is a church on wheels,” said Fr. Lorenzo Gomez, LC, who heads institutional advancement for Guadalupe Radio.  He explained that the station reaches five-six million listeners (Spanish speaking) a month from Los Angeles to Tijuana, Mexico.

Fr. Gomez said that everything the apostolate does is designed to evangelize, either bringing people to the faith or helping them return to the faith if they have wandered away. Because some of those reached are new immigrants or in extreme poverty, they are facing issues with drugs, abuse, gangs, and marital infidelity. Although generalizations can be dangerous, he says sees many families where the men are rather savage – and the women brave, depending on their faith to hold the household together.

“We attract them through the radio, then through various programs, then encourage them back into the parishes,” Father explained. “God uses the radio to give people a chance to come to the faith. Some families have faced tragedy, but every family that comes to us becomes a miracle, a miracle of conversion…you see God’s work all the time.”

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