The following comes from a May 21 email from Helpers of Gods Precious Infants San Diego:

Early in the morning a Spanish speaking couple drove into the lot.  There were two car seats in the back, but the children were not with them.  One of the counselors approached the man driving after he rolled down the window.  The counselor asked him if he spoke English.  He shook his head “no”.  The Spanish speaking counselors had not yet arrived, so the counselor showed the man a picture of paramedics in front of the clinic, and managed to convey in some broken Spanish that the clinic was dangerous, and that abortion was dangerous.

Two Spanish speaking yellow-shirts arrived and tried to talk the couple into going upstairs into the clinic.  The counselor then phoned one of the Spanish speaking counselors who could not be there, and handed the cell phone to the woman.  After they spoke for a few minutes, another Spanish speaking counselor arrived and began talking to the husband, who started to explain that their doctor referred them to Family Planning Associates (abortion clinic) for medical reasons.

The yellow-shirts kept interjecting comments in Spanish.  After the woman had spoken to the counselor on the phone for about 10 to 15 minutes, the first counselor then phoned a Spanish speaking doctor from Culture of Life Family Services, who spoke with the woman on the phone. She explained her situation to the doctor. The doctor told them it may not be as serious as they were told, and offered to see them at the Culture of Life office.  They said they would talk about it.

The yellow-shirts kept talking in Spanish, trying to cast doubt as to whether the doctor on the phone was real or not.  After they finished the call with the doctor, the counselors spoke to them some more, and suggested they make an appointment to see the doctor at Culture of Life Family Services on Monday, and that the visit would be free. The man asked the yellow-shirts to leave, and after they backed away from the car, there was some more discussion about the risk of going to the abortionist, and the good possibility that she may be able to carry her baby to term.

They both agreed they would go to Culture of Life Family Services, then got out of the car, and said they were going into the abortion clinic to get their deposit back. The counselors prayed that a refund was truly their intention for going into the clinic, and breathed a sigh of relief when they came back out about 15 minutes later.  They thanked the counselors and drove away.

Shortly after this, a couple arrived and parked near the back of the lot. Two counselors were already standing nearby, and made no movement toward the car, as the yellow-shirts had not noticed their arrival. When the man rolled down his window, one of the counselors approached and told him about the litigation history of the doctor, and handed him a flyer. His girlfriend was sitting back in a reclined position, as if not wanting to be seen.

The man quickly began reading the flyer, but when the counselor offered another flyer about the risks and side effects of having an abortion, he said “No thank you,” and rolled up his window. Both he and his girlfriend read the flyer on the litigation history of the doctor for about 10 minutes. They got out of the car, and switched places in the car. She had a sweatshirt hood over her head and sunglasses on, as if not wanting to be seen. They then drove away.  Unfortunately, they came back about 30 minutes later, parking on the other side of the lot, and they walked up the far stairs to the clinic.

Later, a car drove up to the front of the clinic, and they paused, looking up toward the abortion clinic on the second floor. They stayed in their car for a few minutes, then drove away and did not return.

A small sports car arrived at the west end of the lot. Two counselors arrived with a swarm of yellow-shirts closely behind. One counselor spoke to the man who was driving, while the other spoke with the woman. The yellow-shirts crowded around, shouting that they did not have to listen to us, and causing a lot of commotion. The woman started crying, and the counselor suggested that everyone back away from the car. The man was upset and said we were complicating things. They drove away, but came back about 20 minutes later, and went into the clinic.

A couple pulled into a parking space near the front of the clinic, but after seeing the yellow-shirts and counselors nearby, they drove to the side of the building. One of the counselors arrived quickly and began talking to the woman, but a yellow-shirt interrupted and offered to escort her upstairs.

The woman said “Yes” to the yellow-shirt and walked away from the counselor, who then turned toward her boyfriend, still in the car. A moment later, he got out of the car, and the counselor warned him of the dangers of the clinic and the risks of abortion, and showed him a picture of a 6-week old in the womb.

The boyfriend carefully listened as the counselor told him an abortion will ruin their relationship, especially if they are serious about each other, and planned to be married sometime. The counselor talked about the unique humanity of his child that could never be replaced, and that if he loved her, he should stand by her and protect her and their child. The boyfriend nodded in agreement, and after some more discussion, agreed to go upstairs and try to bring his girlfriend down.

He went upstairs, but it was getting late in the morning, and the counselors had to leave after about a half hour after he went into the clinic, and we don’t know if he succeeded in talking her out of the abortion.

While this was going on, an Asian couple arrived. The woman was holding a baby, probably less than a year old, in her arms. The man listened as one of the counselors handed him flyers about the doctor and about the risks of having an abortion. Another counselor tried talking to the woman, who seemed to not understand English. As the yellow-shirts came and convinced the husband and his wife to go up to the clinic with them, the counselor gave the woman a flyer titled “How You Began”, with color photos on the various stages of development inside the womb. She was looking at it as they walked away toward the clinic. About 15 minutes later they came downstairs. She was holding her baby, still clutching the flyer “How You Began” in her hand. They got into their car and drove away.

Please pray for all of these women.