The following comes from a Nov. 22 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants

Sadly, there was lots of activity at FPA this weekend, but many prayer warriors out on the street today. Thank you all for being there!

Counselors spoke with many couples and handed out many brochures about FPA, but with no “turn-arounds” throughout the early morning hours. Four to five couples listened with some interest, but after several minutes the boyfriend closed the conversation and led the girlfriend up to the abortion mill.

Then later in the morning one of the counselors spent time speaking with a young couple who were undecided. They finally went up into FPA for quite some time.  By 11:00 they both came out looking for the counselor who had spoken to them to thank her for taking the time to talk with them. D. said they had decided to keep their baby and left.

Late in the morning it got very busy all of a sudden.  A young couple pulled up with a female driver friend. L. was a high school senior with a four-month old child and was two months pregnant. She could not handle having another child at this stage in her life and her husband was indifferent to the situation. One of the counselors spoke with them for five-ten minutes and generated some interest in other life choice options, and perhaps going to COLFS.  However, they decided since they were there they wanted to go up and see the doctor. Calls were made to Liz at COLFS and she too spoke with the mom, but to no avail. We stopped and prayed. After about ten minutes the couple came back out for some reason, and the counselor spoke to them again, giving them her name and phone number, asking them to call her if they wanted to talk things over. They thanked the counselor but seemed intent on choosing abortion, and not adoption.  Nonetheless, they left FPA without saying what they had decided. Please pray they will go to COLFS and/or make a decision to either keep their baby or chose adoption.

Lastly, later in the morning, a young lady who had driven her friend to the abortion mill came out to her car for something. One of the counselor’s had spoken to her and her friend S. earlier on in the morning, but S. had decided to go forward with the abortion. The friend didn’t want S. to go through with this, but felt she had to be there to support her friend. The friend tried to talk S. out of her decision but was unsuccessful. A counselor spoke to the friend at her car again and encouraged her to go talk with S. once again and try to persuade her to change her mind, stating that in a year from now, S. would be thanking her for doing that for her. The friend went back into the mill, but the counselors had to leave and it is unknown if she brought her friend out.