The following is from a Dec. 18 email sent by the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

It was early in the morning when a Hispanic couple in their late 20s with a small child about 2 years old drove up near the abortion center and parked. Two of the counselors approached the car and started to talk with them. They were polite and took material, but were steady in their walk toward the clinic, hurrying inside to make their appointment on time. The dad had the 2-year old by the hand as they proceeded in. The counselors encouraged them to read the material as they were walking away toward the clinic door.

Over the next hour it became busy, with more couples rolling in, and some coming out with paperwork. In the midst of all this, the young couple the counselors approached earlier came back outside. The woman walked directly to the counselor who was still there, smiled a huge smile, and holding back tears, reached out to shake the counselor’s hand, thanking the counselors for being there. She walked to the car, dad and child following.

The counselor suddenly had to intercept another couple heading to the clinic, but it turns out they didn’t want any material or to talk. A few minutes passed and it appeared no one else was a approaching, so the counselor walked up to the couple getting into their car and asked if they decided to keep the baby.

The mom smiled a huge smile again and tears began streaming down her cheeks! She responded with an emphatic “Yes!”

The counselor gave her a big hug and was able to talk with them for a few minutes about what a “right and blessed” decision they had made. The counselor encouraged them to go to any pregnancy resource center if they needed any further assistance, pointing out that one was nearby. They thanked the counselors and drove away.

While we don’t normally reveal the time and place or our counseling, you should all know that this unborn baby was saved on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn.

God bless you for all of your prayers