A weekend of joy and jubilation in the archdiocese of Guadalajara, in Mexico, where 70 priests have been ordained.

The ordinations took place in the Sanctuary of the Holy Mexican Martyrs and lasted for three days. On Friday, 7 deacons were ordained, on Saturday 33 priests and on Sunday another 37.

The person in charge of carrying out these ordinations was the archbishop of Guadalajara himself, Cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega. Together with him, a hundred priests concelebrated and in Sunday’s ordinations they were joined by the 33 priests who set out the previous day in this new mission, as well as the six auxiliary bishops of the diocese: Msgr. Eduardo Muñoz; Bishop Manuel González; Bishop Juan Manuel Muñoz; Bishop Engelberto Polino; Bishop Héctor López and Bishop Ramón Salazar.

In his homily, the archbishop spent a few minutes reflecting on Pentecost. Cardinal Robles mentioned the signs of this occasion: the wind, which symbolizes the strength of the Holy Spirit; fire, which reminds us of God’s presence among us and his sensitivity; and languages, which despite being plural transmit the same message: “We are a single community”.

After the homily, as is typical of these ceremonies, one by one they carried out the promise of obedience to the bishop, to later prostrate themselves at the foot of the altar while the litanies to the Mexican saints were heard.

After a moment of prayer for the new priests, the laying on of hands and their clothing took place, where they received their stole and chasuble. Later, they were anointed with the Holy Chrism in the palms. Finally, the patana and chalice were delivered to each one, essential for the celebration of the Holy Mass, closing with a greeting of peace from the bishop….

The above comes from a June 7 posting from infovaticana.