Using the Texas Heartbeat Law as an excuse, an abortion business committed 67 abortions in just 17 hours. Whole Woman’s Health boasted of their achievement, telling the 19th, that this took place even though there was just one abortionist — an 80-year-old — available.

Marva Sadler, the director of clinical services, said they committed the rapid abortions with just eight people total on staff, rushing so they could complete the abortions before the Texas restriction on abortions a detectable heartbeat took effect. “We are not the bad guys here,” Sadler said she told her staff. “We are doing everything right and we’re going to help everybody that we can. If there’s someone that we can’t help, it’s not our fault.”

At that rate, Whole Woman’s Health was rushing women through abortions every 15 minutes — essentially, an abortion assembly line.

Though most people might see such large numbers of women feeling that abortion was their only option as a tragedy, those in the abortion industry seem to relish it. “For a moment they were able to savor it. Sadler looked at the doctor and told him physicians half his age wouldn’t have been able to do what he did,” the 19th reported. “Even if he only had performed one abortion, it would have been a victory, she said.”

The above comes from a Sept. 7 story on Live Action News.