The morning of Saturday, Oct. 1, some 2,500 Catholics descended on Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove to pray for their state.

Some did so by walking in the eucharistic procession, while others watched and kneeled with heads bowed low. Local Knights of Columbus members carried a canopy over the Blessed Sacrament, held high in a monstrance by Orange Diocese Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Freyer….

“We are fighting the power of evil, the power of Satan, and all his death,” Bishop Freyer said at the Oct. 1 rally. “Proposition One is truly evil.”

Later, speakers rallied the crowd in repeating “Yes to life, No to Prop 1!…”

While recent polling suggests Prop 1 is headed for victory, the bishops haven’t given up hope.

Last month, they invited Catholics to join them in a Sept. 29-Oct. 7 novena to Our Lady of the Rosary, timed to conclude on her feast day. Bishops from each of the state’s 12 dioceses recorded accompanying messages.

The prayer campaign got a big boost from national Catholic radio network Relevant Radio, which emailed novena invitations to California listeners and has been including prayers for the defeat of Prop 1 (as well as of Prop 3, a similar ballot measure in Michigan) every night on its “Family Rosary Across America” broadcast….

Vietnamese Catholics, who turned out in large numbers, stressed the need to protect human dignity.

“I escaped Communist Vietnam by boat then went through Cambodia to Thailand. It was a hard journey. Many people didn’t make it,” said Huy Nguyen, parishioner of Blessed Sacrament Church in Westminster. “I take nothing for granted. All life is sacred….”

Vides’ team also is working to spread awareness among Hispanic Catholics. The archdiocese’s largest Latino parish, St. Emydius Church in Lynwood, will host an informational meeting on Prop 1 on Oct. 21. Similar Spanish-language sessions are also planned at St. John the Baptist Church in Baldwin Park and St. Patrick Church in North Hollywood, on Oct. 18 and 20, respectively….

“It was very moving,” said Father Nwachukwu-Udaku, pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Rancho Cucamonga. “Seeing all of us priests coming together to recite prayers on the behalf of life, for the petition of life, it brought a lot of tears to my eyes….”

The above comes from an Oct. 11 story in Angelus News.