A federal appeals court gave pro-life Americans good news yesterday when it issued a ruling putting safety regulations back on the dangerous abortion pill to help protect the life and health of women. Although the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals did not take the dangerous abortion pill off the market, one aspect of its decision could result in saving the lives of tens of thousands of unborn children — or more.

As LifeNews reported, a federal appeals court issued a ruling requiring the FDA to restore the safeguards it recently removed on the dangerous abortion pill that has killed dozens of women and injured thousands.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision Wednesday in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration that found the FDA must restore critical safeguards for chemical abortion drugs. The appeals court condemned the improper FDA approval process for the drug and restored strict limits on the drug meant to protect women’s health that the Biden administration removed.

But the appeals court went further.

The appeals court ruling prohibits abortion businesses from sending chemical abortion drugs through the mail, which the FDA had been allowing since 2021 in direct violation of longstanding federal law. If upheld by the Supreme Court, the ruling will put a massive dent in the mail-order abortion business….

“The court’s ruling will not go into effect until after the Supreme Court reviews the decision and determines if it will step in or let the 5th Circuit’s ruling stand. If let stand, the ruling could cut the nation’s abortion numbers by as much as 15%,” says Jim Harden, who runs the CompassCare pregnancy center network in New York state….

Ingrid Skop, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., a board-certified OB-GYN who has practiced in Texas for nearly 30 years and serves as vice president and director of medical affairs at Charlotte Lozier Institute, wrote in an op-ed:

“Like approximately 90 percent of my fellow OB-GYNs, I don’t perform elective abortions. But I’ve personally treated many women for complications from the abortion pill (mifepristone and misoprostol), including performing emergency surgery on a woman who bled for two months after receiving these drugs…Those promoting unsupervised DIY abortion pills clearly prioritize the deaths of unborn children over the health and safety of women. I hope the FDA will once and for all be held accountable to its task of protecting the American public from this dangerous drug….”

From LifeNews