California pro-life leaders are raising concerns about coercion and a lack of family support after a report showed more than 400 abortions resulted from a new state law.

The law, which went into effect last year, requires California public colleges and universities to provide chemical abortions, or abortion pills, in their student health centers. New York and Massachusetts recently passed similar laws.

In the first six months under the law, 427 chemical abortions were administered on campuses across the state, according to a report by the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, published in January.

These included 203 at the University of California campuses, 162 at California State University campuses, and 62 at the UC Law at San Francisco, according to the report….

Meanwhile, some abortion advocates responded to the new data by pointing to research suggesting the numbers should be higher, according to the LAist.

One reason they posed is universities may be “underserving” students’ “abortion needs” by failing to notify them the pills are available, the report states.

Winnie Xu, a UCLA student and co-founder of the Preserve Abortion Access California Task Force, told City on a Hill Press, a news site run by UC Santa Cruz students, “The more people that know about this service the more people that will access it, the better….”

From the College Fix