With great joy, newly ordained priest, Father John Hoang, celebrated one of his first Masses with 51 relatives and friends on June 8th at Calvary Catholic Cemetery, the resting place of his parents, Pierre Dam Hoang and Teresa Tuyet Hoang.

Father John began his homily with a huge smile, “You have a priest in the family! This is a surprise! A surprise because most of you knew me growing up, and probably did not see this coming…Believe me, I myself did not see it coming! I just wanted to learn more about my faith, but through prayer I was called, and trusted that the Lord wanted me here, and here I am. Surprise!”

Father John’s grandmother and parents must also have been surprised. His grandmother always encouraged John’s oldest brother to become a priest. But for John, the youngest, following four sisters, the topic was never even discussed. In his 20’s, John was a DJ, often out until 2 or 3 in the morning, with his parents waiting.

Father John chose to celebrate one of his first Masses as a priest with those closest to him, alive and deceased. Father John explained, “when we come to visit [the cemetery], we keep in mind the memories they have left with us and how they have impacted our lives in a certain way.”

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