An initiative that is in the local Congress intends to decriminalize abortion in Baja California. According to the National Public Security System, 39 women are in a criminal proceeding for having committed abortion in Baja California.

“It is an injustice to women. Decriminalization is already in the legislative process, in the Justice Commission; unfortunately the president of the Justice Commission has been anti-abortion, the deputy Víctor Morán,” claimed deputy Miriam Cano. She pointed out the proposal to decriminalize abortion was stopped by conservative deputies.

“We can advance a woman’s right to have her children when she wants with the spacing between one and the other.”

She said women who have economic power interrupt their pregnancies by crossing the border to California, where since 1970 pregnancy termination clinics are allowed. If they don’t have a U.S. visa they travel to Mexico City, where abortion has been allowed since 2007; in both places women must not be more than 12 weeks pregnant.

The above comes from a July 8 story in El Sol de California.

According to a July 15 story in El Sol:
“To have an abortion costs on average $2600 to $3500 in a secret clinic in Tijuana.”