The following comes from an email sent by Ignatius Press on June 26.

I’m forwarding this email message from Father David Meconi, S.J., editor of Homiletic and Pastoral Review. I want to make sure clergy, religious, and lay leaders know that HPR  is now available online for free, through Ignatius Press. Please pass this message along to those whom you think would be interested in reading first-rate articles on theological and pastoral issues.  More information can be found below.

Thank you.

Mark Brumley
Ignatius Press

Dear Pastor,

Since Homiletic & Pastoral Review magazine went exclusively online on the Feast of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, this year, we have learned much about both the advantages and drawbacks of web-based publishing.

Obviously, we miss the print edition. At the same time, we are reaching more readers online as we continue our high standard of presenting the richness of the Faith in a way that attracts, enriches, and converts.

In our June issue, for example, we feature a full-length article by Dominican Father Austin Green on “The Eternal Priesthood of Jesus Christ”, as well as an article by Cistercian Father, Roch Kereszty on the priest’s role the New Evangelization. Essays such as these bolster the morale of priests and encourage us all to love Christ and his people with great constancy, courage, and cheer. has articles on pressing moral issues and, in every month’s crop of new articles, at least one essay on prayer, and not a few more pieces on contemporary concerns.  Articles in the June edition include Deacon James Keating on spiritual martyrdom, Carmelite Carolyn Humphries on mystical prayer, and the indefatigableJesuit Father James Schall on why the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s Dominus Iesus is needed more today than ever before.

In addition to a dozen plus articles every month, also reviews bookspertinent to any pastor or parishioner wanting to keep current with both scholarly works as well as the more popular, pastoral books published today.

We also run our highly-touted homilies for the month as well as feature Father Brian Mullady, O.P., who answers our readers’ questions in his usual in-depth and thorough manner.

In Corde Iesu,

Father David Vincent Meconi, S.J.
Saint Louis University

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