The following comes from a March 20 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

Today, on the feast day of St. Joseph, we had at least 60 prayer warriors who showed up for the final Saturday of 40 Days for Life at Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road.  Included was a Catholic priest.  Thanks be to God and the intercession of St. Joseph, we had three turn-arounds.

Around mid-morning a very nice red car pulled into the lot.  One of the counselors was able to talk to the young couple before they parked their car.  The counselor gave them information on the risks at FPA and the instances of ambulances coming to take injured women away.  The man driving seemed concerned and the young women was silent.  He kindly thanked the counselor, and it appeared they might leave, but they parked their car.  At that point, the yellow-shirt “escorts” began to swarm around the car and two counselors stood by.  When the couple came out of their car, each counselor began to talk to the man and woman.  A third counselor quietly handed the woman a pin with six-week old baby feet.  One counselor talked to the woman about how beautiful they were and how women regret abortion. Within seconds the counselor saw a tear emerge in the woman’s eye.  Soon a torrent of tears rolled down her face and she was swept away in sadness.  It was clear she was having regrets about what they were about to do.

During this time, another counselor was talking to the man about the risks of having an abortion, and the emotional trauma that most women will experience.  The man saw her crying and told the counselors they were leaving because she was crying.  They went back into their car and sat for some time. The yellow-shirts began to move in closer to their car and at that, they drove away.  Please pray for this woman and her husband, who clearly were on the fence over this abortion.

Soon after this, a woman came out of FPA and got into a truck with a man waiting for her.  One of the counselors saw that she had tears in her eyes as she walked toward the vehicle.  Another counselor tried to talk with the couple, and at first the man was vague and in a hurry, so the counselor tried to talk to the woman and asked if she was ok.  The woman said yes, she was.  The counselor asked if she had a procedure done and the woman said she did not.  The counselor asked her if she was pregnant, and the woman said she was two months.  The counselor then asked if she was keeping her baby, and the woman said yes.  The man still seemed in a hurry, but the counselor asked if she could give them a holy card.  The man accepted the holy card of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  They then drove off.  Please keep this couple in your prayers.

Very late in the morning as one of the counselors was leaving, the counselor noticed a woman sitting on the steps at the top of the balcony near FPA.  She was on her phone.  This woman was spotted going in and out of FPA all morning and at one point multiple counselors tried to help her and direct her to Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center. Earlier, she was offered a donut, but she told the counselor she could not eat, and so it was clear she was there for an abortion, as they are not allowed to eat anything before the procedure. However, sometime later she came out of the waiting room at FPA and took a donut to eat.  This was a sign she did not have the abortion, and would not be having a surgical abortion.

When the counselor saw her on the steps, the counselor went up to talk with her.  Thankfully, the yellow-shirts did not notice this. The counselor could hear her saying that she waited too long and FPA let two women go ahead of her. She said she was hungry and wanted to go home. The counselor sat next to her and could hear her boyfriend yelling awful things through her phone, and that she needed to get back in there. The woman said she would not, and hung up. The counselor offered her a ride home and she accepted. The counselor got her some food and talked with her.  This young woman is in an abusive relationship and is quite a bit younger than her boyfriend.  She already has a young baby at home and feels she can’t continue with another baby.  The counselor let her know all the help that was available for her and talked with her about adoption and getting away from her boyfriend.  The woman thanked the counselor.  The counselor had been texting with the woman during the evening on Saturday and the woman seemed open to getting help.  However, the counselor later found out the woman is still abortion intent.

Please pray for this woman that she has a change of heart before it is too late.  She is in a very delicate and stressful environment and needs our prayers.