The following comes from a Sept. 16 posting on Live Action News.

You’re pro-life. Now tell me; what are you going to do about that before this Christmas?

If not too much comes to mind, never fear. I’ve compiled a list of 25 activities and events you can take part in. You’ve probably heard about some of these before, but if you’re not actively taking part in at least 5 of them, you could be doing more. We could always be doing more.

Some of us have more time than others, and what you’re able to do really depends on where you are in your life. We all have different talents and abilities, so be sure to take some time to consider what yours are as you decide how to become involved in the great civil rights issue of our time.

1. Be a public witness to life outside abortion clinics.

Start by praying outside. Be sure to never go alone and always bring a camera to record any shenanigans. Reach out to any clinic workers and check out And Then There Were None to discover how you can be the light of life to those working in the abortion industry.

2. Volunteer at your local pregnancy resource center.

You can help by sorting clothes, processing mailings, and offering any skills or expertise you might have. Go here or here to find a clinic near you.

3. Pass out copies of pro-life literature in public places in your community.

Go here to order copies of Live Action’s The Advocate, or here for various publications from Human Life Alliance. These are great pieces to hand out on college campuses!

4. Wear pro-life gear, and engage anyone who comments on it.

Heritage House has great pro-life t-shirts, as well as Pro Life Depot. Both sell other accessories as well, so check them out! Be sure to have a response for people who might comment on it, whether they do so negatively or positively.

5. Post pro-life articles on social media platforms.

Follow pro-life organizations on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, and be sure to share their messages with your friends!

6. National Pro-Life Chalk Day

September 5th, 2013 [was] the day for chalking pro-life messages! Check here for sample messages and who to contact in case of issues. Don’t worry, though, it’s perfectly legal to chalk in public places. You can do this any day of the year, too!

7. National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

Get a group of people together on September 14th and visit a memorial to the unborn. Check here for a listing of places near you!

8. Participate in the next 40 Days for Life campaign.

The next campaign is September 25th to November 3rd. Go here to find the campaign closest to you.

9. Organize a Life Chain event.

On October 6th, hundreds of people around the country will stand on the side of public roads with pro-life signs. Will you be one of them? Go here to learn how to organize your own event.

10. Pro-Life Cupcake Day

Who wouldn’t want a cupcake? Get a group of people together and distribute cute cupcakes with pro-life messages on October 9th! Check here for more info.

11. Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

Lose your voice for those who have no voice. On October 15th, wear read tape with the word “Life” printed on it to signify your stand in solidarity with the unborn. Go here to find more info and handouts to tell people why you can’t talk.

12. Sidewalk counsel.

Here is a good DVD to learn from and here are tips for counseling. You can also seek training from a local pregnancy center. Not everyone is equipped or able to sidewalk counsel, so it might not be your thing. But you can’t say “no” to it before you get trained and at least try.

13. Start getting a group of people together to go to the March or Walk for Life.

This is by far one of the most unifying and inspiring events you can go to. If you live close enough, recruit drivers or plan to take public transportation (what I would suggest to avoid traffic and parking). If you live farther, look into bus companies and hotels nearby. Be sure to start looking for events and conferences around these too!

14. Organize your own pro-life event.

Bring in a speaker. Hold a public debate. Have a musical benefit concert. The possibilities are endless! Check here for resources.

15. Host a baby bottle drive

These are wonderful fundraisers for pregnancy resource centers. Check out Heritage House for all the supplies you’ll need!

16. Organize a walk-a-thon for a local pro-life organization.

Check out this website for details on how to organize one.

17. Find or organize a candle-lit vigil outside an abortion clinic.

Invite your friends. Buy some candles. Print out lyrics to songs. Then go sing and pray outside a large and public clinic in your area.

18. In December, host a pro-life Christmas caroling event outside an abortion clinic.

Check out this website for resources.

19. Get together some friends for a pro-life concert.

Have a band? Know people who play instruments? Get together for a jam session a few times to learn pro-life songs. Research them ahead of time and then host an event when you know them well. Have the proceeds go to a pro-life organization.

20. Donate to a local pro-life organization.

Since many pro-life organizations are grassroots, every little bit helps. If you’re able to, financially support your local centers and organizations. If you’re not able to do that, donate clothes or time.

21. Read a pro-life book, then pass it on to someone you know!

Check here for my list of pro-life books to read in 2013.

22. Join or start a pro-life club at your school and/or church.

If you’re a student, check out Students for Life for tips on how to get started.

23. Do a diaper drive for your local pregnancy resource center.

Recruit a few volunteers and stand outside a large local retail store (be sure to check with management first to make sure it’s okay). Target and Walmart are two good choices. Print out a list of what the local pregnancy center needs after talking with them (diapers in specific sizes, clothing, wipes, etc.). Hand them to people as they go in asking them to pick up an item or two to donate. You might be surprised by how many people are willing to donate to help moms in need!

24. Be a witness to the joy of life by helping out single moms who chose life.

Embrace Grace has an excellent guide for ways we can reach out and help these courageous women who chose life for their babies.

25. Lastly, be a living testament to the joy of the pro-life movement.

Respect life in all its forms by going to elderly care centers and visiting them. Make them note-cards and let them talk about their lives. Rally against the death penalty. When someone you know has a baby at a less-than-ideal time, let them know that no matter how hard it gets, they are courageous for choosing life. If someone you know adopts a child, thank them for giving him a loving home to grow up in.

The first step is the hardest. I know it might be overwhelming looking at this list, but know that every little bit counts. We are all called to be part of this in different ways.

Though our individual actions may be small, the ripple effect is real. If you start with just a few of these ways to abolish abortion, your family and friends will start to notice. And who knows? If we work together, the end to abortion may be closer than we think.

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