The following comes from a email from Helpers of God’s Most Precious Infants:

Early this morning just as one of the counselors arrived, a young woman left her car in the back parking lot.  Her car was very near the counselors, so the counselor approached her and asked her if she was going to Family Planning Associates.  She answered “yes”, and the counselor asked her to first pray for the women going into the abortion clinic, and and then told her about the medical problems with the doctor.

The counselor urged her to go to Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center right next door. The woman took the information and within seconds broke down in tears.

The counselor asked her how far along she was, and she said she did not know.

The counselor tried to console her, and told her that her reaction is because she knows this is wrong, and that we as women are made to nurture.  The woman said she was sorry, but had to go in.  However, she still had tears in her eyes.  At that point another counselor came over and consoled her also.  By then the yellow-shirts got wind of what was happening and one of them put her arm around the young woman and took her to the elevator.

The young woman went into Family Planning Associates but came out about 10 minutes later on the phone with a clipboard.  She went back into the abortion clinic, and came out minutes later.

The yellow-shirts formed around her and escorted her to her car, saying she did not want to talk with us. The young woman was not happy and would not talk with the counselor. However, she left and never came back.  Please pray for “T” that whatever the reason for her leaving, that she will open her heart to life.

Shortly after, another young woman came alone, and one of the counselors tried to talk with her, but she again was whisked up to Family Planning Associates by the yellow-shirts.  She was in there for about 15 minutes and left.  The counselor was able to give her a brochure on other places to go to get help.  It is unclear why she left.


[story updated December 8 at 12:30pm]