The following comes from a November 29 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Saturday, November 28, Family Planning Associates, San Diego

The yellow-shirt “escorts” were out in force again. The security guard has taken to directing the yellow-shirts to intercept the counselors whenever we approach someone who has arrived in the parking lot. The guard has been doing everything possible to keep us from talking to the women, including calling the police again this morning.  A number of patrol cars arrived, but as usual, the police affirmed our right to be there, and found nothing wrong with what we are doing.

About mid-morning, a young couple pulled into the lot.  As they were driving, in a counselor noticed the passenger had her window down.  The counselor happened to be right there as they pulled down the lane and offered them information about the medical problems at Family Planning Services.  The woman who was driving looked over at her husband, and they both looked concerned.  The counselor tried to give them as much information as possible before the yellow-shirts came over.  The woman smiled and thanked the counselor.  The counselor knew they were concerned.  They pulled into a parking space and sat in their car for a while.  They eventually left their car and went into Family Planning Services.  A short time later they came out and went to their car.  They sat in their car for some time, but again got out headed toward the abortion clinic.  The counselor was near the elevator when she saw the couple approach the elevator. From a distance she told the couple she was happy they met, and then the counselor approached closer.  The yellow-shirts never saw the counselor, and so did not interrupt the conversation.  The counselor began to tear up and told them she did not know why there were tears in her eyes, but told them they were a sweet couple.

The young woman asked the counselor if she could get a free ultra-sound at Pregnancy Resource Center, next door.  The counselor told her that on this particular Saturday it was closed, but she could go to Culture of Life Family Services for an ultrasound.  The woman was very happy and said they were going up to use the rest room, and then leave.  They headed toward FPA and the public restrooms, which are located next to the clinic.  The counselor became nervous after they got off the elevator and went into the abortion clinic.  However, they came out seconds later and headed to the restroom.  They then came down the elevator and the counselor greeted them again.  The woman asked the counselor if it would take a long time to wait for the ultrasound at Culture of Life Family Services and the counselor told them they would get them right in.  The counselor hugged them both and the young man sited a Bible verse from Romans Chapter 8: “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  The counselor told them how wonderful it was to see goodness in this couple, and was so very happy to see them leave.

One of the staff at Culture of Life Family Services called the counselor almost an hour later to say they did not show up, but about fifteen minutes later they came and stayed there for some time.  The couple was very receptive from the start.  They are hoping to see her again for her pre-natal visits.  The nurse said it was like meeting with a couple who were positive about their pregnancy.  She is very early in her pregnancy and the counselor at the crisis pregnancy center said that had they stayed at Family Planning Services, they probably would have been given the abortion pill.

Please pray that this couple remain strong in their decision to choose life.

A little before the previous couple arrived, another couple pulled into the lot and parked.  As if by providential timing, two counselors who had not been here for several weeks, had just arrived and happened to pull in and park next to the couple. Because the counselors seemingly arrived at the same time as the couple coming to Family Planning Services, the yellow-shirts did not recognize them, and probably thought they were friends of the couple, so the counselors were able to talk with the couple for 20 or 30 minutes without interruption.  After feeling some apprehension about going into the abortion clinic, the couple decided to take a walk around the parking lot and talk for a while in private.  They stood for a while at the far end of the lot, then went upstairs and entered Family Planning Services. They came back out a short while later, and were intercepted by some yellow-shirts, who were apparently trying to discredit what the counselors told them, and tried talk them into going back up into the clinic.  Another counselor came over and talked to them for another 15 or 20 minutes.  The woman indicated she might have some risk of health issues, but wasn’t sure, and also wasn’t sure about becoming a parent.  The counselor told them to call Culture of Life Family Services, where a caring and qualified doctor could give her an exam and a second opinion about whatever health condition she might have.  The counselor also tried to help the woman understand how precious this baby would be to her when it is born, even if she does not feel a connection to the baby yet.  The woman thanked the counselors and drove away with her boyfriend, saying that they would call Culture of Life Family Services and see a doctor there.  Please pray for this couple.

Sometime later in the morning a couple parked in the back lot.  One of the counselors handed them information as they headed toward the stairs, and they did not engage much in conversation.  However, they stayed inside Family Planning Services for less than an hour and left.

Around the same time a young woman, who was dropped off at the same spot, came out from the abortion clinic with paperwork after having been inside only a short time.  She went into a car and minutes later, came back out and went inside the building.  However, she left again only minutes later, this time with no paperwork, and drove away.

There were a few other couples who left Family Planning Services this morning after being inside only a short time, and who did not appear to go through with abortions.  However, they may have come in for birth control or some other reasons.

Please continue to pray for all of these women.