The following comes from a June 7 posting on the website of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, written by Archbishop Jose Gomez.

These are exciting times for vocations in our Archdiocese.

Last month I had the blessing of attending the graduation of St. John Seminary. Last Saturday, June 1, I was honored to ordain two fine men to the priesthood.

We are looking ahead at the new school year and I am really encouraged. It looks like we may have 20 to 25 new seminarians this year.

Our future looks bright. Recently I hosted an “Andrew Dinner.” This is a dinner inspired by the Gospel story of St. Andrew bringing St. Peter to meet Jesus. In this case, pastors from around the Archdiocese bring young men from their parishes to have dinner with me and to talk about the exciting adventure of the priesthood. We had a great dinner and about 40 men came who were discerning their vocation to the priesthood.

These men have realized the beautiful truth — that the priesthood is a great adventure, a journey that a man walks in friendship with Jesus Christ….

This week let’s keep praying for more vocations. We can never have enough holy priests! Let’s thank God for our new priests, and let’s pray for all our priests and seminarians, our future! And if you know a young man you think might have a calling, give him our website —
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