Please pray for E., a young woman who came in a cab with her mother. She talked to one of the counselors for a long time and was on the verge of going to Culture of Life Family Services. She told the counselor that she tried to go to the doctor in Hillcrest but they sent her to the facility on Miramar Road. When the counselor saw the referral sheet, there was 20.5 weeks written on it. Yet the woman told the counselor she was 10 weeks.

She hesitantly went into Family Planning Associates after telling the counselor a few times that she only wanted to ask questions. She came out about 90 minutes later. The counselor offered her a ride and they refused, but she told the counselor that she did not have the abortion. The counselor felt that E. had an ultrasound to confirm her very late-term pregnancy. She needs our prayers this week to stay strong and not destroy the beautiful life growing in her.

Another counselor spoke with a young couple still in high school. The couple sat in their car for about 15 minutes before finally coming out. The girl had been crying. The counselor gave them information and told them about the regret they would have, and how this would haunt her the rest of her life. She was told about adoption, and how this would be the greatest gift she could ever give anyone. Her parents did not know about her pregnancy, and she was very worried at how they would take the news. The counselor assured her that her parents might be much more upset at her having an abortion, than the fact that she was pregnant.

After they talked for about 20 minutes, She said she wanted to go in and talk to the doctor. A short while later the boyfriend came back out, and the counselor spoke to him about encouraging his girlfriend to choose life. The counselor asked him to send her a text, and tell her it is never too late to get up and walk out. He did, and about 30 minutes later she came back out and told the counselor she is not going to have the abortion.

The counselor encouraged her to call COLFS and get information about adoption. She said she was going to go home and tell her mother first. Please pray that her parents are understanding and support her decision to choose life. The girl is only about 16, and her parents will be a strong deciding factor in the life of her unborn baby. They all need our prayers.

-the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego