The following comes from an August 10 Pewsitter article by Frank Walker:

On August 8th, the Catholic Diocese of Orange held a presentation and community forum to promote Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical.  This event was part of a local and national marketing effort by the Catholic church to convince millions of American Catholics of why they should support the Pope’s encyclical.

Many Catholics see this encyclical as a political statement reaching far beyond the boundaries of Catholic doctrine.  Over 20 protesters lined up along Chapman Ave. at the entrance to Christ Cathedral to protest the event as well as the Pope’s climate change encyclical.

The purpose of the forum was billed as “a focus on the theology of the encyclical, the global impact of climate change on the poor, and to help build a scientific understanding of climate change and offer a context for how we can begin to address this seminal issue in our own lives and society.”   The forum included presentations by Sister Nadine McGuinness (St. Joseph Center-Orange),   Tony Strawa, PdD, Catholic Climate Change Ambassador and Joan Rosenhauer, Catholic Relef Services.

The event was attended by approximately 125 local Catholics and was video taped by one of the activists (see below).

In part 3 of the forum, Joan Rosenhauer of Catholic Relief Services exposed the political extortion by the Pope and Catholic church to bully the U.S. into pushing for more of Obama’s aggressive Climate Change policy and to push the U.S. into giving billion of dollars to the United Nations to promote social justice.

Many in attendance were angry that there was no opportunity for question/answer.   Questions had to be submitted via question cards however the moderator made it clear that there would be “no discussion or debate” of the science! To quote one of the attendees “the bishop’s job is to shepherd souls to their eternal salvation and the Pope’s job is even more solumn to the entire world.   What went on at this forum was NOT Catholic!”   One attendee became so enraged at the content and lack of questions that he stood up and shouted his disagreement.   The bishop did not return to the event for closing prayer, perhaps due to the protests and outrage that was quite apparent.

The following video was posted on YouTube by one of the protesters on August 8. The interruption begins at about minute 11:45: