The following comes from a June 13 email from the San Diego chapter of Helper of God’s Most Precious Infants:

Family Planning Associates Miramar Road, Saturday, June 13

Dear Pro-life Friends,

Thanks to the intercession of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, St. Anthony and all those praying today at Family Planning Associates, the lives of precious twin babies were spared from death today.

This morning the pro-choice protesters were there before we arrived, wearing yellow T shirts that read “Patient Escort”. They were closely trying to intercept the cars coming into the parking lot before the sidewalk counselors could get to them. They missed some of them. A counselor saw a woman leaving her car and heading toward the abortion clinic. The counselor showed her a picture of an ambulance and firetruck in front of the clinic that came in January to take a woman to the emergency room after having a surgical abortion here.
As he told her about the risks and side effects of having an abortion, and the emotional trauma and regrets that most woman will experience, she said that she just had a baby 3 months ago, and that she was not here for an abortion, but she came here for a friend who was afraid to face “protesters” that she was warned about. The friend had asked this woman to check out the clinic and make an appointment for her.
The woman said she tried to tell her friend who was pregnant that this was not a good choice, but the woman had already made up her mind. The counselor gave her some literature, information about Culture of Life Family Services, a picture of a 6-week preborn baby, and a model of a 12-week preborn baby. The counselor talked to her at some length about how women often make hasty decisions to have an abortion, thinking it will solve their problem, but that it only starts a bigger problem. The counselor explained open adoption, and how different it was from closed adoptions done many years ago. The counselor told her “Now go and tell her everything I just told you. Years from now, she will thank you for being her friend and stopping her from making this mistake”. She thanked the counselor and said she had no need to go upstairs, and she returned to her car and drove away.
A short while later, another car pulled into the lot and parked close to the building. A woman, visibly upset, got out of the car and headed toward Family Planning Associates. One of the counselors tried to talk with her, but she was already walking fast. She yelled to the man who was with her to get out and help her. There was a baby in the back seat. The man yelled to the counselor that she was going up there to kill her baby. The counselor tried to go after her but it was too late and there were also pro-abortion protesters blocking the counselor. The counselor walked back over to the man as it was clear he did not want her to be there. He explained to the counselor that they were no longer married but they are still close. He told the counselor that they were Christian, and a year ago they would have been with us praying for the unborn. Yet this pregnancy brought about sickness for the woman, and she also felt there was something wrong with the baby. The man told the counselor that on the way to the abortion mill, the woman nearly jumped out of the car and was acting crazy. He knew she did not want to do this, but she felt this was the only choice.

The counselor warned him about the medical practice of the doctor and the serious situation if her health was not good. The man had a hard time looking at a model of a 12-week old pre-born baby. He was clearly grieving. He also told the counselor that last year they lost their teenage old daughter and this was making things worse. The counselor urged him to up into the clinic and talk to his ex-wife about the medical record of the doctor and also to seek help at Culture of Life Family Services. The counselor pleaded to at least let nature take its course and not play God by willfully taking the life of her unborn baby.
The counselor offered to watch their young baby in the car while he went up into the clinic. He agreed and went upstairs, and the counselor told him to pray, and that she would pray also. He was there for some time and eventually came out saying that she was insistent on having the abortion. The counselor talked to him more, and another counselor came over and also talked to him. He went into the clinic for a second time and eventually came out. He stated that she was bleeding and was in the back being seen by the doctor. He pulled out a stroller and began to walk with his baby. Two of the counselors began to pray a Novena of the Memorare.

He eventually said he was going to get something to eat and drove off. In the meantime, one of the medical assistants at Family Planning Associates came out looking for him. When he returned he went back upstairs into the clinic. When he came out he told the counselor that it was a miracle. She was having twins and said she could not kill both of them. He had such a look of relief on his face! He and the counselor exchanged hugs and the counselor told him she would never forget this moment. Minutes later, the woman came down and the counselor gave her a very special hand-made Rosary. The counselor shed a tear and kissed the woman. She too had a huge look of relief. The counselor pointed them to Culture of Life Family Services, but they said they had a doctor they would most likely go to. Please continue to pray for this woman and her twin babies.