The following coms from a June 6 Operation Rescue article by Cheryl Sullenger:
Washington, DC — The Associated Press has released a new report showing that the number of abortions have fallen in all but two states since 2010.
The percentage of decrease for abortions ranged from a low 2.6 in Illinois to a remarkable high of 29.9 percent in Hawaii.
The report found the average abortion drop was 12% over the past five years.
North Carolina had the second largest decrease in abortions at 26.3 percent followed by New Mexico with a still impressive 23.9 percent drop.
Large decreases in abortion numbers occurred in both conservative states with multiple safety restrictions, such as North Carolina, as well as liberal states with few abortion laws, such as New Mexico.
“The states where we see large decreases in abortion numbers are generally states that experienced abortion clinic closures and in states with very active pro-life opposition,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and co-author of the book Abortion Free. “Of course other factors contributed to the decrease, but these numbers confirm that when abortion clinics close, abortion numbers drop and lives are saved.”
The only two states in which abortions increased were Louisiana and Michigan. The uptick is being attributed to an influx of abortions on women from neighboring states where a significant number of abortion facilities have closed.
Louisiana’s neighboring state of Texas and Michigan’s neighboring state of Ohio both shut down about half of their abortion facilities since 2012. As a result, abortions decreased in Texas by 13% the following year. In Ohio, abortions are down 17.4% over 2010 numbers.
“The fact that abortions increased in Louisiana and Michigan is unfortunate, but it does show that women are more than able to cross state lines to get abortions if that is what they are set on doing,” said Newman. “This makes recent court decisions seem silly that say the crossing of state lines for abortions poses an undue burden on women.”
The AP report notes that four states for which there are no reliable numbers include California, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Wyoming.
“The Associated Press report is great news. It proves that Americans are rejecting abortions in favor of life in unprecedented numbers,” said Newman. “There’s no doubt that we are winning and the abortion cartel is waning.”
Pro-life supporters should be encouraged that their work is paying off.
“The numbers show that even in political climates where abortion is unrestricted, large pro-life gains can still be made,” said Newman. “This validates the hard work of pro-life groups and supporters who have labored tirelessly for decades in a number of venues to turn the rudder of the ship way from the abortion cartel and toward a culture of life.”