The following comes from a March 14 Restore DC Catholicism blog post:

March 13 brought news that the Knights of Columbus removed themselves from the now-defiled Boston St Patrick’s Day Parade.  They might learn a thing or two from Immaculate Heart of Mary School; they had pulled out of the parade after 20 years of participation in it, rightly understanding that their participation now would cause scandal to their students.

The school is run by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – both brothers and sisters.  I invite you to peruse their site.  They seem to be orders that are truly devoted to Jesus Christ and His Church.  The Sisters produced a video regarding the parade debacle.  They are singing a song that is a knock-off of the Irish folk song “Leaving of Liverpool”.  They call it “Leaving of Boston”.  Enjoy and thank God for these courageous religious.  Pray to St. Patrick that as he once drove the snakes from Ireland that he would drive the serpents of progressivism from the Church.

Three-minute Youtube video here:


Fare thee well, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade,
South Boston, fare thee well!
We are standing for our Catholic Faith,
And the Saint that we love so well.

So, fare thee well, the time has come,
We will now defend one so great as he.
It’s not the leaving of Boston that grieves me,
But Saint Patrick when I think of thee.

We have marched there for over twenty years,
“Keep the Faith” did we proudly display,
And though the foes of God may try,
They will never take this Faith away! – Chorus

Remember, Holy Youth, how long ago,
You brought the Faith to Erin’s shore.
Through the strength and the might of the Trinity,
Bring the Irish back to Christ once more! – Chorus