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If you are a tech savvy Catholic, you may want to connect with a priest who is more high tech and understands the effectiveness of social media. The priests below are into blogging, podcasting, and using many other branches of online media to preach and connect with their congregations. These priests are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection and represent the best of the Catholic priests on Google+ today.


  1. Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick – 750 +1’s: Fr. Andrew works for the St. Paul Orthodox Church in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. He studied English as an undergraduate before finding his calling as a priest.
  2. Fr. Chip Hines – 536 +1’s: Fr. Chip blogs about Church comings and goings, fundraisers, technology, and his every-day life.
  3. Fr. Carter Griffin – 467 +1’s: Fr. Carter Griffin is a priest who uses Google+ to spread the Good News and reflect on Church teachings.
  4. Fr. Ryan Humphries – 444 +1’s: Fr. Ryan works at the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and offers comments on church and the law and provides news and notes to his parishioners.
  5. Fr. Shane Johnson – 400 +1’s: this Catholic priest in NYC posts his thoughts on seminary living, and how to go to confession.
  6. Fr. Avies Edachethra – 333 +1’s: Fr. Avies’ friends keep in touch with him over Google+, as he shares the location of his ministries and his photography.
  7. Timothy Finigan – 314 +1’s: Fr. Timothy attend the John Fisher School and lives in Sidcup.  He posts Church news, the latest from the Pope, and devotionals.
  8. Paul Uwemedimo – 314 +1’s: he provides posting on his stories in ministry, prayer, feast days, and personnel reflections.
  9. Leo McDowell – 306 +1’s: this priest posts about Church life, priest retreats, thoughts on Church activities, and much more.
  10. Fr. Robert Wagner – 263 +1’s: Fr. Wagner works at the Office of the Bishop and has an interesting perspective on Church life.
  11. Elroy Kaak – 249 +1’s: this priest shares his thoughts on the Church and his life in it through photography and short updates.
  12. Fr. Bob Lacey – 245 +1’s: Fr. Bob shares his thoughts on Church news, offers prayers, reviews the teachings of saints, and communicates with his congregation.
  13. Fr. Benedict Croell – 286 +1’s: He is both a Dominican Friar and a Catholic priest of the Province of St. Joseph (Eastern) in the USA. He also serves the Director of Vocations while posting his thoughts on Google+.
  14. Fr. Blaise Czaja – 225 +1’s: Fr. Blaise works at Passionist Community and uses his Google+ page to communicate to his friends and followers on his mission, including some great photos.
  15. Fr. Andrew Dickinson – 216 +1’s: Fr. Andrew Dickinson is a priest living in Brookings, SD. Follow along as he shares stories from his life in ministry.
  16. Fr. Stanislao Esposito – 211 +1’s: Fr. Stanislao provides his followers with meditations, prayers, and a daily walk heavenwards.
  17. Fr. Aaron Kuhn – 210 +1’s: Fr. Aaron Kuhn shares his life and experiences inside and outside the Catholic Church.
  18. Fr. Chistopher Looby – 196 +1’s: Fr. Looby works at St. Mary’s Church of Brushton and posts links to a Rosary blog, photography, and masses.
  19. Fr. Bartholomew Leon – 109 +1’s: Fr. Bartholomew works at Saint Mary’s Church and keeps the congregation informed of his activities through Google+.
  20. James Bankston — 89 +1’s: James works at St. John the Baptizer Ukrainian Catholic Church in California. He provides updates on his views on life and news from the Church.
  21. Fr. Anthony Weis – 74 +1’s: Currently the Parochial Vicar for the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama. He is a big advocate of both Facebook and Twitter as means to openly discuss topics of faith.
  22. Fr. Lukasz Misko, OP – 71 +1’s: He is the Associate Director of the Newman Center at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. He likes to share photos and videos on Google+ concerning his thoughts and experiences.
  23. Fr. Prem Thumma – 55 +1’s: Is the Parochial Vicar at Seton Parish Odessa, Texas. He enjoys participating in online discussions and actively participates on Facebook and Google+.
  24. Fr. John Boyle – 47 +1’s: Fr. John shares his service to God through Google+ and provides his readers with photos from Church events.
  25. Fr. Tyler Dennis – 47 +1’s: He is a Priest for the Catholic Diocese of Rapid City, South Dakota. Has been assigned as parochial vicar for St. Joseph Parish in Spearfish, St. Paul Parish in Belle Fourche, and St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish in Newell, South Dakota. He also enjoys blogging.
  26. Fr. Kevin Vogel – 44 +1’s: He works as an Associate Pastor at the Archdiocese of Omaha. He shares pictures of his travels on Picasa and shares his beliefs on his own YouTube channel.
  27. Fr. Daniel Hoffman – 40 +1’s: a member of the Diocese of Ernie, Fr. Hoffman explores the internal mystery and shares his life story on Google+.
  28. Fr. Linh Nguyen – 35 +1’s: Fr. Linh is currently assigned to do his priestly ministry at Saint John Neumann Parish in Houston, Texas. He has learned Spanish in attempt to share his message with even more people and his sermons can be seen all over YouTube.
  29. Fr. Wm. Tom Davis – 27 +1’s: He is serving as the Associate Pastor at Our Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Community, Los Angeles, California. He shares his pictures online using Picasa and is in constant contact with his churchgoers when using Google+.
  30. Padre David Poedel – 21 +1’s: hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Padre David provides his parishioners with photos, Church news, and his thoughts on theology.
  31. Fr. Theodore Phillips – 20 +1’s: He describes himself as an Orthodox Monk seeking to live into the wisdom of St. Benedict. He works at the Benedictine Fellowship of St. Laurence in Colorado. He is a contributor to the Benedictine Fellowship of St. Laurence website and converses with other through Google+.
  32. Fr. Cas Paul – 19 +1’s: Fr. Cas uses Google+ to communicate with his parishioners, friends, and family.  He provides great stories, prayers, and reflections on life.
  33. Fr. Jason Trull – 17 +1’s: He is a Pastor for the Resurrection Catholic Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He plays a major role in the community and keeps in touch mainly through Google+ and via Twitter.
  34. Fr. Tom Donovan – 17 +1’s: He initially worked as pilot and computer expert before turning to a life of religion. He is currently the Chaplain at Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St. George in Illinois.
  35. Erich Fechner – 13 +1’s: Fr. Fechner works at Saint Simon the Apostle and posts from Saint Louis, MO.  Find postings on his life, day to day activities, and the Church.
  36. Thomas Higman – 5 +1’s: the readers of this Google+ page can follow Fr. Higman, who works at the Diocese of Ogdensburg. He writes from experience at the Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary.
  37. Fr. John Pendzick – 5 +1’s: As a Priest for Diocese of Allentown in Pennsylvania, John like to share his love for his vocation through Flickr and through

High Tech

  1. Fr. Robert Ballecer – 3,532 +1’s: Fr. Robert is an over 9000 uberGeek, a TWiT network host, the director of National Vocation Promotion for the Jesuits, and a closet superhero sidekick.
  2. J.T. Zuhlsdorf – 844 +1’s: Fr. Zuhlsdorf blogs about his parishioners, technology, and prayers for all times of the year.

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