Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 2.29.42 PMThe following email was sent to Cal Catholic on May 1.

Hi, my name is Joseph Atkins and I am the webmaster and editor of Our core mission is to encourage safe dating among Catholic singles, and from time to time we also put together lists of Catholic-themed sites for our audience to peruse. This week on our blog, we have compiled a list of what we are calling, 100 Totally Awesome Blogs by Catholic Priests. I thought that you and your site’s audience might want to check it

  1. Atonement Online: the diary of Fr. Christopher George Phillips, Atonement Online readers are treated to random thoughts and interesting tidbits from the Pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Church in San Antonio, Texas.
  2. The Ax: Fr. Tom Provenzano shares his thoughts on current events in the United States, the latest movies and tv shows, the recently deceased, and reflections on the new pope.
  3. Bangor to Bobbio: Fr. Sean Coyle offers readers Sunday reflections, which provide Bible readings and a mini sermon. His writing is beautiful and a treat to read.
  4. A Beggar for Love: this blog records Fr. Daren Zehnie’s favorite passages from the words and writings of Pope Benedict XVI.
  5. Gift and Mystery: this witty blog by Holy Cross priest Fr. Stephen mixes homilies with the top burgers of Washington DC, plus a few great ways to connect with Christ.
  6. Bible-Belt Catholic: this blog by Fr. James Melnick discusses his work ministering in Arkansas. Full of interesting stories and thoughtful teachings.
  7. Bishop Blaire’s Blog: Bishop Stephen Blaire of the Diocese of Stockton provides his thoughts on the Church, Roe v. Wade, and political activism.
  8. Bishop Daniel Jenky: serving as Bishop of Peoria since 2012, Most Rev. Daniel R Jenky writes about serving the community, the Holy Spirit, and other insights on the Church.
  9. The Black Biretta: Padre Giovanni Trigillio opines on homosexuality and the Church, equality, Pope Benedict, and other compelling topics relevant to today’s Catholics.
  10. Blessed the Kingdom: this blog provides readers and visitors with an online discussion and exploration of the Christian faith, facilitated by a priest and pilgrim.
  11. Blog of a Country Priest: Fr. John Corrigan hits on a multitude of topics, including clergy abuse, culture wars, and a priesthood Q&A.
  12. Blogger Priest: the personal blog of Fr. Joseph Jenkins, Blogger Priest treats readers to topics on the priesthood. He writes that priests are ministers of reconciliation, but never at the cost of truth.
  13. Bonfire of the Vanities: Fr. Martin Fox explores topics such as polygamy, evil, and Christianity.  Also provides a Sunday homily.
  14. Bread Blessed and Broken: Fr. Kenneth Anderson, a Priest of the Rockford Catholic Diocese in DeKalb, Illinois blogs about love, Jesus, holy days, and bible passages.
  15. Breaking the Word: From Fr. Chris, this blog’s mission is to serve faith and recognize that without faith, the human world seems too evil for God to be good.  Offers devotional messages, readings, and reflection exercises.
  16. Breathing With Both Lungs: Br. Tom Forde is a Capuchin Franciscan and works as a chaplain at a school.  He blogs about the Pope, church abuse, and homosexuality, among other interesting topics.
  17. The Bridge: Fr. Frank Majka blogs about faith, Easter, Lent, Christmas, and prayer to his faithful readers.  He provides insight into bible verses and recommends prayers.
  18. Bridges and Tangents: Fr. Stephen Wang is a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Westminster, London.  This blog explores the landscape of arts, science, religion, politics, and philosophy.
  19. Brother Priests: Fr. Benjamin Sember and his twin brother Fr. Joel Sember write about marriage, Mother Mary, celibacy, family, and a host of other invigorating topics.
  20. Called By Name: Fr. Kyle Schnippel believes that there is a tide of vocations to the priesthood and religious life waiting to happen. The blog explores his life as a priest and the journey to becoming a priest.
  21. Canonical Codemonkey: Fr. Rodney White is a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of San Angelo in Texas. Fr. White blogs about his personal experiences as a priest studying for a license in Canon Law in Canada.
  22. The Canon’s Stall: Canon Matthew Jones, a parish priest in north Cardiff, writes on local parish news, the election of Pope Francis, and the celebration of Easter.
  23. Cardinal Roger Mahony Blogs LA: the official blog of the Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony discusses his personal views on immigration, prayer, and reactions to events in the news.
  24. Cardinal Sean’s Blog: the blog of Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley, it features numerous journal entries describing the Boston Bombing and a trip to the Holy Land.
  25. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!: this blog by Fr. Philip N. Powell, Ph.D., provides readers with a number of homilies that teach how to react to strife and challenges found in everyday life.
  26. Father Dennis: Fr. Dennis, a Midwestern Catholic priest, provides his insights onto the Church, prayer, love, and the Bible.
  27. Father Ray’s Other Corner: Fr. Ray Suriani uses this blog to post his homilies, including a link to an audio recording.  He touches on justice, reparation, and resurrection.
  28. Fire, Salt, and Light: readers find reflections and comments on all aspects of Catholic life from Fr. Arthur Joseph.
  29. Living Sacrifice: Fr. Christopher Mahar’s blog is his way of connecting with his congregation and the wider world of those who seek spiritual teaching.  Readers are able to find an archive of his homilies.
  30. Gloria Olivae: this blog promotes the messages of Pope Benedict XVI and seeks to draw upon small monastic Benedictine communities.
  31. The Great Commandment: this blog written by Fr. Jim Tucker is the personal opinions of the Catholic Church, his local church, and popular culture.
  32. The Hermeneutic of Continuity: Fr. Tim Finigan explores doctrine, liturgy, morals, the Church’s place in society, and other though-provoking topics.
  33. Laus Crucis: Fr. Paul Spencer, a Passionist living in Scotland, writes on the Passionist Order, World Youth Day, and the Synod.
  34. Life’s Crosses: Aloysius Ong is a “young” priest who blogs on his thoughts as his ministers to the world, notably on the trials and tribulations he faces.
  35. Monastery of the Holy Cross: written by Fr. Peter of a southside Chicago monastery, this blog features his weekly homily and even a podcast.
  36. Father Joe: Fr. Joseph Jenkins is the pastor of Holy Family Church in the Washington, DC Archdiocese whose personal blog is filled with things that interest him, including political debates and current news.
  37. Father Keyes Blog: this Catholic priest blogs about the Bible, Canon Law, the Catechism, the Compendium, the Vatican, and a host of other Catholic topics.
  38. Servant and Steward: Fr. Daren Zehnie’s personal blog provides readers with homilies, thoughts on the Church, and other interests.
  39. The Truth Will Make You Free: Rev. Robert Connor blogs on his reflections on the teachings of Vatican II through John Paul, Benedict, and Francis.
  40. Viewpoints: the personal blog of Most Rev. Oscar Cruz, Viewpoints features such notable articles as “The Justice System in the Philippines” and “Responsible Parenthood.”
  41. Vultus Christ: the blog of Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, Vultus Christ explores the ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community.
  42. Fr. Z’s Blog: this blog provides commentary on Catholic issues, liturgical translations, and news.  Same sex marriage is also discussed.
  43. Bonfire of the Vanities: Fr. Martin Fox publishes his homilies on a variety of topics, including the Boston Bombing, polygamy, and evil.
  44. Adam’s Ale: blogger Adam writes about a day in the life of a priest, interesting quotes, and thoughts for consideration.
  45. Aisling On Earth: the mission of Fr. Joseph Hennessy’s blog is to bring home the fact that each one of us are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  46. The Alternate Path: Fr. Michael Cummins reflects on following Christ and discerning ones vocation.  He finds inspiration from Pope Benedict XVI.
  47. Anamchara: the place readers visit to read thought-provoking articles from Msgr. Eric R. Barr’s perspective on Roman Catholicism, Celtic Spirituality, and great literature.
  48. Caritas in Veritate: Fr. John Boyle, from the Archdiocese of Southwark, England writes on Church news, his life as a priest, worship, and Church conferences.
  49. Catholic Collar and Tie: offers thoughts and reflections on usually Catholic issues, such as Church law, reform, and the future of Pope Francis, from Fr. Gary Dickson.
  50. Catholic Global Mission Today: written by Fr. Carl Chudy, this blog shares the love of Christ across faith and culture through global missions.
  51. Catholic Insights: through Bible analysis, homilies, and examples Fr. Charlie takes readers through spiritual reflections in his beautifully written posts.
  52. Catholic American Eyes in Korea: this group blog of the Maryknoll Priests, this blog explores the Catholic experience in Korea.
  53. Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction: the purpose of this blog, written by a group of priests and laity, is to help you in your journey to and with God.  Posts discuss perspective, spiritual direction, and prayer.
  54. Catholic Vision: ordained a Catholic Priest in 2006, Fr. Andrew writes about his homilies, pop culture, spiritual life, and Catholic vision.
  55. Mercy and Mary: thoughts from Fr. John Larson, a Catholic priest living in Ohio.  He blogs about Church news and history.
  56. Catholicism Anew: this blog by Fr. Robert J. Carr features analysis and teachings from Bible passages, losing the fear of mistakes, love, and music.
  57. Catholicism, Scholarship, & Fun!: Fr. James Lloyd describes himself as a psychologist, bridge player, and old timer. It’s no wonder his blog is a great mix of wisdom, theology, and sports!
  58. A Chaplain Abroad: the blog of Fr. Bede Rowe, a Chaplain at a school in Italy.  Tells of his travels and life abroad.
  59. City Father: Fr. Ronald Franco, a member of the Paulist Fathers, writes about world events, political happenings, and Church news.
  60. Frrick: Fr. Richard Healey’s readers are treated to homilies, Biblical lessons, and perspectives on the Holy Week, service, and worship.
  61. A Concord Pastor Comments: Austin Fleming, a priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, writes about spirituality, worship, and prayer.
  62. A Word From Rome: this blog captures the experiences of a seminarian in Rome during the period between Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.
  63. The Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer: this blog of Fr. John Chrysostom Kozlowski features announcements, stories, photos, audio, and video of the many events held at the church.
  64. Offerimus Tibi Domine: Fr. Simon Henry blogs about the priesthood.  A recent article discusses the long papacy of Pope John Paul and how we are connected to Christ.
  65. Sense of the Sacred: Fr. Jojo Zerrudo writes about dissenters, stating that “dissenters enjoy much popular support because they say what the world says.”
  66. Meeting Christ in the Liturgy: Fr. Kevin Cusick, author of a weekly column for The Wanderer, the oldest US Catholic weekly, also writes this informative blog about lessons learned from the Bible.
  67. Fr. Blake’s Blog: known for his fine writing, Fr. Blake delights readers with his thoughts on the Mass, prayer, diversity, and devotion.
  68. Forest Murmurs: this blog by Fr. Michael Brown is composed mainly of news clippings of interests to the Church—with such articles as a church recently purchased by the Institute of Christ the King.
  69. Ecclesia Semper Reformanda: Fr. Jay Scott Newman is a priest of the Diocese of Charleston. He focuses his blog on reform efforts in the Catholic Church.
  70. EF Pastorem: this blog by Fr. Eamonn F. Whelan exposes a variety of issues that have tremendous impact on Church doctrine, such as abortion.
  71. En Pocas Palabras: Bishop Daniel E. Flores, who serves as a priest in Brownsville, TX, blogs about his life ministering to the faithful.
  72. Encounters: Bishop Pat Alo of the Philippines shares his thoughts on biblical teachings, family, faith, and love.
  73. Ex Umbris Et Imaginibus: the blog of Fraternity of St. Genesius, this blog talks about how you can assist the Church in her mission of evangelization to those in the cinema and the arts.
  74. Eyes of Faith: Fr. Larry Gearhart, the pastor of two small country parishes in Ohio, provides readers with a place to learn about the elusive nature of listening to and following God’s will.
  75. Father Acervo’s Corner: Roman Catholic priest Fr. Acervo provides worshipers at his church in Detroit with homilies and podcasts.
  76. Fr. Anthony Ho: Fr. Anthony Ho is a priest in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.  His blog discusses spiritual, catechetical, and pastoral topics.
  77. Father Bob’s Reflections: Father Bob helps his readers connect with God, the self, and the Word.
  78. Father Brian Van Hove’s Blog: Fr. Brian keeps readers up-to-date on his personal reflections of recent events, such as the Boston Bombing.
  79. Father Carlson’s Blog: a Catholic Priest in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Fr. Carlson writes in order to help people along with their faith life.
  80. Father Don’s Vocation Blog: Fr. Don Miller writes about travel and vocation experiences in his personal web log.  He encourages comments that will lead to thought-provoking conversation.
  81. Father Dylan’s Sermons: this is the place for finding Fr. Dylan’s sermons online.  Features Bible readings and analysis.
  82. Father Jason Worthley: ordained to the priesthood in 2004, Fr. Jason Worthley writes on the stations of the cross, and other worship and prayer topics.
  83. Father Jim Chern’s Blog: on his blog, Fr. Jim posts his homilies, messages on the love of Christ, and ways to live better lives.
  84. Father Matt Sonshine: Fr. Sonshine is focused on helping others by showing them their potential and not their thorns.
  85. Father Mike’s Podcast: Fr. Mike blogs about spiritual reflections, teachings, and provides Sunday homilies.
  86. Father Raymond J. de Souza: features a collection of articles by this Catholic priest. Find postings on Papal Retirement, Conclave, and more!
  87. Fr. Scott Hurd’s Homilies: Can’t get to Church? Check back here often for Fr. Scott’s weekday and Sunday homilies.
  88. Father Sullivan’s Blog: this is the spot for finding the latest sermon’s and biblical writings of Father Sullivan.
  89. Father Tom’s Blog: in this well-written blog, Fr. Tom writes on the Kingdom of God, the Ambassador of Christ, and silent retreats.
  90. Fr. Michael Duffy’s Blog: Fr. Duffy is empowered and encouraged to blog about the Church from Pope Benedict XVI, who called on priests to use New Media to spread the good news.
  91. A Few Simple Words: walk in the shoes of Fr. Bob, a former campus priest, now a pastor of a great parish.
  92. Fiat Volvntas Tua: read about the commentary and personal understanding from Fr. Joseph, a Catholic priest who converted from Protestantism.
  93. Acts 24 Blog: this blog by Fr. Jacob Maurer focuses on two levels: 1) that faith in Christ and His Church is a completion of God’s covenant to Israel; and 2) we are to evangelize the nations with the good news.
  94. For His Friends: this personal blog of Bishop Robert Lynch, the Bishop of St. Petersburg, FL. He shares with readers his travels and service to Christ.
  95. Fr. Bresowar’s Homilies: contains numerous homilies that can be used in Bible study or personal reflection.
  96. Fr. Burke Master’s Thoughts for the Day: Bible verses, reflections, homilies, and other teachings make this blog a great read for Catholic and non-Catholic.
  97. Fr. Carmen Mele: bilingual priest serving the Diocese of Fort Worth, Fr. Carmen Mele provides readers with easy to read “homilettes.”
  98. Fr. Martin Flatman’s Blog: features articles on the Faith, Frances, and includes homilies, notices, and other Church news.
  99. Father MD’s Kitchen Table: this vlog will touch on homilies, lessons, feasts, and kitchen table sense to bring you closer to the Lord.
  100. Father Michael Denk: this blog speaks on current events, and how to turn to the